Cannabis Roots Have Any Medical Benefits

Medicinal cannabis has been around for a while now, though with a focus on the actual buds of the plant as opposed to anything else, like the roots. However, recent research has some into light that cannabis roots may actually have some potential medical applications - though this research is incredibly limited. Here's a little more information about what has been found so far:

Marijuana has so many different uses, and pretty much every part of its anatomy can be used to fulfil some sort of purpose. The buds of the plant are certainly the most valued and widely used, often to induce a ‘high' when smoked or consumed un some other way. The cannabinoid-rich resin of the buds is also made use of in the form of medicinal products such as oils.

Canvas Fibres and other things

Cannabis leaves are abundant in nutrients as well and can be used in foods such as salad to deliver beneficial wellness effects. Hemp seeds are also packed full of fats and proteins, which pretty much class them as a superfood. Even the stems of cannabis plants have been put to good use, with the industry using them to create fibres, canvas, and rope among other things. The roots though, are a section of the plant that has long been overlooked, though now is being looked into as one of the most beneficial parts of the plant.

Cannabis roots are incredibly vital, and without them the plant would not survive. Cannabis root hasn't been intensively examined scientifically yet, though there are some anecdotal accounts of people using it to treat a wide variety of ailments. Some experts claim that there are chemicals in cannabis root that are able to protect the liver and fight inflammation.

Biological Processes

Cannabis roots also have tiny amounts of choline in them, which is a macronutrient involved in many of the body's basic biological processes. These processes include energy level increase, brain development and nerve function.

All in all, there hasn't really been too much research done in the area, though what has been found so far is incredibly promising. Don't try to use the root until you definitely know what you're doing though, as cannabis roots can be toxic if used in excess.

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