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Yes, we guarantee the arrival. However, shipments sent to Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania must be insured to qualify for a free replacement. We urge you to recheck the shipping address before placing your order, as a free reshipment is only possible if we were provided the correct address in the original order. Sometimes packages are held in customs, so contact us after 31 business days of placing your order if your parcel hasn't arrived.
Orders are usually shipped out within one business day after an order is successfully processed. Shipping times vary according to location. Orders shipped within Europe usually arrive within 21 business days. Orders outside of Europe typically arrive within 31 business days. We would appreciate your patience while waiting for your order to arrive.
Please send us a message, including a confirmation of your shipping address, so we can check to see if it was shipped to the correct address. Once we have this, we can proceed to help you.


We accept prepaid credit cards if the card is open for international transactions. You can check to see if the card is available for international transactions by calling the credit card company; usually, the helpline number is on the back of the card. Some prepaid credit cards will have it written for U.S. use only. These cards are not open for international transactions, so we cannot charge them.
The most common reason an order cannot be processed is that the bank or credit card issuer does not allow foreign transactions. If you want to place a new order, we recommend contacting the card issuer and requesting that they enable overseas purchases for 24-48 hours; your new order should go through without any issues.
We accept credit cards, cash, bank transfer, and crypto.
Your statement will not have anything about the name of our company or any reference to cannabis.
Why is the amount I was charged on my card slightly different from the price of my order? Your card issuer might charge an International transfer commission or a currency conversion fee. Normally not more than a few dollars. Unfortunately, we cannot tell which banks charge a fee upfront, nor do we know the exact amount.
Please consider our other payment options: cash, bank transfer, and bitcoins/crypto. We have a collection office in Colorado for cash payments in the USA. We have had great success receiving payments this way if your cash is sent with registered mail. You will be able to track it to delivery.
Alternatively, we accept bank transfers. Please see the link below for detailed instructions on completing a bank transfer. When you place a new order and choose bank transfer as your payment method, you will be given our banking details to complete the transfer:
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