Buy marijuana seeds with Bitcoins online

Since October 2013 we are accepting Bitcoins, a safe and anonymous payment method to buy marijuana seeds online.

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are digital currency which you can spend just like you would with EURO’s or Dollars. You can purchase goods (including marijuana seeds) with them, exchange them with other people, receive them as payment for a service, speculate with them or trade them back in for instance EURO’s or Dollars. And these are only a few of the nearly endless applications.

The benefits of using Bitcoins to buy marijuana seeds

With Bitcoin you can make electronic payments:

  • Through the internet
  • Practically free
  • Within minutes
  • completely anonymous
  • As simply as sending an e-mail
  • Without interference of a bank or other institution

The video below will gives a good idea on what Bitcoins are and how Bitcoins are used.

Where to buy Bitcoins

Coinbase is a reliable partner for processing Bitcoins transactions. You can open a account at within a few minutes.

More about Bitcoins

Bitcoin is the first digital currency that has been established entirely decentralized, which implies that there are no banks or any other third parties required in order to exchange Bitcoins. The Bitcoin network consists entirely of other users, whom, like you, use Bitcoins. This decentralized structure, combined with rock solid encryption, makes Bitcoin is a perfectly secure and free currency. Espe

When you pay with Bitcoins for marijuana seeds there is no intermediary, so the transaction fees are minimal and that is a profit we will share with you. You will get 10% discount on your order when you buy seeds with Bitcoins. There are no long waiting periods until the money has been transferred and Bitcoins are (almost) infinitely dividable, so you can even transfer one-thousandth of one Bitcoin .

Anyone can buy, sell and accept unlimited Bitcoins. You can even make them yourself! Sending Bitcoins is as simple as sending an e-mail. All you need is a Bitcoin -address and an active internet connection. There are no limitations or conditions linked to the use of Bitcoin !

The Bitcoin protocol is open source, which means that everyone can access and contribute. The open source also allows it to be free of charge and freely usable by everyone.

More information about Bitcoin on wikipedia