Black Domina feminized seeds: they do well in indoor growing and hydro environments. Her flavors come in different notes and with above-average amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol and normal CBD quantities.

Black Domina Feminized Seeds

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THC Level 23% and up
Indica / Sativa 95% / 5%
Yield Up to 500 gr / plant
Height Compact
Flowering Time 7 - 9 weeks
Climate Mediterranean
Effects Pain Relief, Relaxed, Sedative, Sleepy
Flavor Berries, Earthy, Hash, Peppery, Pine

Black Domina feminized seeds: they give rise to strains that do well in indoor growing and hydro environments. Her flavors come in different notes and with above-average amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol and normal CBD quantities.

A Sturdy And Beautiful Feminized Strain

The Black Domina strain is a compact plant that doesn't grow tall. We find her a very strong and forgiving plant that is highly resistant to pests and molds

She is also bushy, with a very dark green color, especially the leaves. Under certain lights, you may easily confuse her as having a different color due to hints of purple.

Black Domina feminized doesn't end her feats of strength there – her buds are compact and dense dark green, with bright orange hairs that get covered in THC trichomes. It is easy to trim this plant under normal circumstances as she has few yet huge leaves.

Bred In AMS With Love

We must acknowledge the fact that Black Domina feminized weed seeds are one of the strains that we found the most demanding during the breeding process. Nonetheless, we are perfect at our own game and wouldn't fail in necessitating the introduction of a new strain on our assortment.

We crossed four different strains to come up with this beauty, and thankfully, she doesn't disappoint for the couple of moments we have trialed her. Her parental figures are Ortega x Hash plant x Afghan x Northern Light.

An Indica-dominant From Respected Parents

As mentioned above, the Black Domina fem strain comes as a result of crossing four distinct strains. In the crossing, the parents (Ortega x Hash plant x Afghan x Northern Light) are all respected Indicas.

Black Domina Feminized seeds sire plants that are 95% Indica, which can be attributed to the parents' characteristics. The result after the crossing is an almost pure Indica strain that has everything that you could have wished for in an Indica strain - a sedative relaxing, warm body high that will have you forgetting about your pain and stress in no time.

Her taste is varied and herbal, pine, hash, black pepper, earthy, and blackberry. The effect is very heavy; sedative narcotic Indica body stoned great against all sorts of medical issues. Her THC amounts range between 17 and 24%, which means this strain can get the job done, especially for those who know how to smoke – veterans and intermediates.

She is an excellent painkiller, great for stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, muscle cramps, lack of appetite, and gastrointestinal issues.

Please note that Black Domina is definitely not an active weed strain, but more of a relaxed strain.

Ideal plant for hash makers due to its high resin contents, hashy herbal taste, and abundance of THC crystals.

Raising Black Domina Weed From Seeds

By now, you understand that the first step to start in the quest to own Black Domina weed is having your packet of Black Domina feminized marijuana seeds. Necessarily, you will need to go for the ultimate cannabis brand that deals in those very seeds, which is, in this case, the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

Please note that we recommend that these seeds don't get cultivated outdoors, NOT UNLESS you are in a MEDITERRANEAN CLIMATE. So, if you are not in such a climate, then indoors or hydroponics would be your go-to option, and either way, should you do everything right, you can expect to reap up to 400gms per square meter.

Her growing difficulty is easy, with the heights being ultimately manageable. They range between 90 and 130cm. The flowering time indoors is also short, with it being within the 7 and 9 weeks range. Should the needful outdoor climate favor you, the best time for outdoor harvest is between late September and early October.

Perfection From A Dependable Breeder;

Where experience meets excellence, that's where the best marijuana seed bank in the world – Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds can be found. We have been selling high-quality marijuana seeds for more than two decades, and we still forge ahead.

We believe that we are the only seed bank that can swear by their seeds as we give the grower a 90% germination guarantee, and our Black Domina seeds aren't an exception. The secret is simple – if you, the grower, do everything right, these seeds won't disappoint you.

Seeds With A Price Discount

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Crush-proof Packaging, Worldwide Delivery

Could be you are interested in buying Black Domina fem weed seeds but are worried that some individuals may stigmatize you for your ardent love for the pot. However, that shouldn't be the case at any given time, especially with AMS's existence.

We use blanc packaging materials before sending over any packet of marijuana seeds to our clients. Regardless of being in the USA, EU, or another part of the world, don't hesitate to order your own seeds to grow your organic medicine, and we will handle the logistics for you for free – including shipping.

Other than Black Domina fem, what other AMS strains from our more than 130 selections are you interested in? Feminized, regular, or autoflowering? Let us know for a forge ahead with the order's processing.


Customer Reviews

Black Domina and Service Review by Robert (Posted on 12/15/2021)
I have been ordering from AMS for quite some time now, and have been overwhelmed with the customer service, the quality of the seeds, the information available on the blog, and the stealth shipping. Also, I’ve had a couple of orders seized by customs, and AMS was speedy quick with replacements. Included in my most recent order were black domina, which I have not yet put into bloom, but will shortly. 100% germination and very healthy plants
Spicy and dicey Review by Zach (Posted on 6/7/2021)
I have to be honest did not think much of this strain bought in the mix and match promotion. Thought I'd do one strain as an experiment. It was indeed easy to grow, not very big not small either. Pretty strong and thick buds with a glow of THC all over.
Once dried I thought vaping would be a good way to go, but that was a bit too much. Handle with care folks.

be good
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