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If you're looking for top-quality seeds at bargain prices, you've come to the right place. We have 25 years of experience providing premium quality cannabis seeds. We always have cannabis seed sales going on, so make sure to check back often for new strains and deals straight from Amsterdam.

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34 Results

34 Results

Welcome to the best marijuana seeds website

No, we haven't delved deeper into details without welcoming you to the respected and valued cannabis seeds website in the world. LOL! As the AMS team, one thing that has kept us going for more than two decades, we have been in the marijuana seeds selling business is consistency.

That is consistently ensuring that our pot seeds meet the quality standards that get adored by the customer, experts, and ourselves. Secondly, we have consistently shipped weed seeds for every other country that legalizes the shipping of cannabis seeds.

There has been another factor that has kept us afloat. Our customers praise our website for its ability to maneuver easily. We arrange the categories in such a way that you will find the cannabis seeds you want directly on the homepage. Also, our site is safe and gets secured with the latest SSL technology such that whenever a customer places their order, they have no reason to worry about hackers or unauthorized hands keeping an eye on their financial details.

We undeniably are the experts in providing pieces of advice to our customers to make their cannabis cultivation a breeze. Put simply; we are one of those few seed banks that don't worry about how the customer gets experienced. Necessarily, if you are a beginner and would like to know that cannabis plant that best fits your experience level and the climatic conditions in your place, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Do you want cannabis seeds sale from a reputable Dutch Company that ships to the USA, Australia, and Worldwide? Invest in your pride by buying the AMS cannabis seeds.

Factors to consider when buying cannabis seeds

Perhaps your eyes will settle on a plentitude of cannabis seed banks, and making an informed decision will be overwhelming. We are not praising ourselves, but the truth is that you will not find any other cannabis seeds company that has been around for such long and kept doing their thing the best.

So, let's make an assumption here. Please don't get offended/edged out if you are a veteran. As a beginner pot grower, you may be in the quest to know whether buying marijuana seeds online is a good idea. Well, it is dependent on the choice you will make since fathoming the answer gets dependent on that very factor.

Firstly, it is a bad idea to buy marijuana seeds online if you haven't done your due diligence to determine if the company you are buying from is a reputable one. There have been instances where a seed bank comes around for a couple of weeks and vanishes into thin air. Let's say you had placed your order on their website without doing background checks. Those guys will go with your cash and leave you minus your time and peace of mind!

Now, let's assume you came the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds way after reading what reviews on Trust Pilot say about us. Do you see that you will be in the best chance to save yourself from losing cash, emotional torture, and of course, saving on time that would otherwise get used in following the progress of your order?

Secondly, you need to ensure that the company of your choice accepts a myriad of payment options. See, you would like to pay at the comfort of your house using your preferred method and, if, for instance, you love using Blockchain Technology, then think of using Bitcoin. We currently have an offer in such a way that whenever you use Bitcoin as your best payment method to get weed seeds, you will save a whopping 10% regardless of the volume of your order. AMS is a company you can call home!

A combination of all prices

It doesn't matter what your budget is when it comes to purchasing your cannabis seeds for sale. We have different categories, and Cheap Cannabis Seeds is one of those. Necessarily, this category involves those weed seeds that are of high quality but get priced at below-average prices since the cost of their breeding is somewhat low, or that we encourage different potheads to green their gardens using the very strains.

Notably, some potheads are farmers and often are in crossroads asking themselves if they are indeed getting the value for their cash when they buy the cheap weed seeds. We mostly advise them that there is no and have never been any doubts about any seeds available on the AMS shelves. The phrase that cheap is expensive doesn't apply, at least with the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company.

Also, please note that this category doesn't only have those marijuana seeds coming from a single type. You can buy Sativas, Indicas, or hybrids from this category, and also in regular, feminized, and auto-flowering versions.

How nosy are your neighbors?

This subheading is in no way demeaning your beloved neighbor, but wait. There is, and there will probably be stigmatization of marijuana usage in the furthest future. So, how about when you would like to plant cannabis in your pot farm, while also maintaining your reputation among your neighbors?

Well, we would like to tell you something small but significant in ensuring that you find this idea a breeze. See, it all lies in the packaging and how you go about planting your cannabis seeds. Before we ship our customers' goodies, we start by ensuring that the packaging is top-notch and that the packaging is opaque and unique. That way, no one will be in a position to guess that weed seeds would be getting delivered to you.

Secondly, you may be in the quest to find cannabis strains that do well at short heights, and this means that Indica plants best suit you. If you want to plant weed seeds in your balcony and wouldn't want any person to come into light with what you'll be doing, then talk to us and we will be happy to advise on cannabis plants with manageable heights and those that don't produce loads of aromas in the farm.

  1. Purple Power Auto-Fem

Irrespective of the climatic conditions in your region, the Purple Power autoflowering Feminized marijuana seeds perform well across all climatic settings, thanks to their stability. We pack the seeds in three packages. That is, in 5 seeds, ten seeds, or 20 seeds.

In enabling you to save even more, we encourage you to purchase the 10 or 20 seed-packs. That is typically because you can save 10% of the initial price if you buy the 10 seeds pack, and 20% if you buy the 20 seeds pack.

In practicality, 5 seeds cost $55. When it comes to the 10 seeds pack, you can purchase them at $99 instead of $110. On the other hand, you will only part with $176 instead of $220 for the 20 seeds pack.

  1. Northern Lights XTRM Auto-Fem

This strain is the true definition of potency in the cannabis space. We sell the seeds in three types of packs. That is 5 seeds, 10 seeds, and 20 seeds.

We also ensure that you save to the maximum regardless of any package of this strain that incorporates the availability of 11 distinct genetics. 5 super-quality seeds cost $60. If you purchase the 10-seeds pack, you can be sure to save a whopping 17% and get the seeds at the cost of $100. The case is entirely different if you purchase the 20 seeds pack. It's unimaginable that you save up to 29% of the initial price!

The cost of 20 seeds as of the moment is $170, which helps us in concluding that most of our customers like the 20-seeds packs due to this enormous price discount. Don't be left behind in seizing this generous opportunity, too.

  1. Haze Auto-Fem

If you adore the hazy taste, you will not only get highly potent ganja seeds from this category but also save on the overall costs for purchasing them. You can be sure to give your taste buds the justice they deserve when you buy from any of our three packs (5, 10, and 20 seed packs).

The original price for a 5 seeds pack is $50. You, nonetheless, save 10% when you purchase 10 seeds and 20% when you are buying 20 ganja seeds in this category. That translates to $90 for 10 seeds and $160 for 20 seeds.

  1. Habiba Auto-Fem

From its name (beloved), this resinous-budded strain gives nothing but love to the grower. The seeds reach you (our customer) in a discreet package irrespective of where you are. Depending on your financial prowess and preference, you can be sure to order a pack of 5, 10, or 20 pot seeds.

If you order 5 seeds, you will buy them at the cost of $55. In the eventuality that you order 10 seeds, you can be sure to save 10% or 20% in case you order 20 seeds.

  1. Chronic Auto-Fem

Most Internet users unanimously agree that the Chronic Autoflowering feminized strain is the real deal in alleviating a myriad of chronic ailments. How fantastic could it be when you join the bandwagon!

For $45 only, you can be sure to plant your medical marijuana strains. What's more thrilling is that you can save 10% if you order 10 seeds and 20% if you order 20 Chronic Auto-Fem seeds.

  1. Caramelicious Auto-Fem

If you like it more when your taste buds get a delicious taste after dinner, then the Caramelicious Auto-Fem strain could be your real deal. Planting your strains shouldn't be daunting since you get the seeds from us in three distinct packs. 5, 10, and 20 seed packs. Buy 10 seeds, save 10%. On the other hand, buy 20 seeds and save 20%.

  1. Blueberry 420 Auto-Fem

Are you among those who jump in excitement when they hear about 420? Well, those celebrations shouldn't be complete without having your strains on your farm.

Fortunately, the seeds are in stock at AMS, and you can be sure to purchase 5 seeds at $50, 10 seeds at $90 (10% off), and 20 seeds at $160 (20% off).

  1. AMS Supreme Auto-Fem

Now that these cannabis seeds carry our name, you can be sure that in addition to getting a price discount, you will also get uncompromised quality.

5 of these seeds cost $65. If you opt to save a few bucks, then our pack of 10 seeds costs $117 (10% savings). The 20 seeds pack, on the other hand, cost $208 (20% savings).

  1. AK 47 XTRM Auto-Fem

The AK 47 XTRM seeds pack come as a result of intense research to come up with affordable, yet potent seeds at no extra cost to you – our valued buyer.

In this Cannabis Seeds Sale category, you will even be more shocked to find that despite all those efforts to give you nothing but the best seeds, the AK 47 XTRM Auto-Fem seeds come at the most affordable prices. For instance, 5 seeds cost $45, 10 seeds cost $81 (10% off), while 20 seeds cost $144 (20% off).

Cannabis seeds sale with discrete delivery

We literally see no reason why you should keep on spending your time awaiting cannabis seeds, yet we are here at your service. We discreetly deliver weed seeds to our customers wherever they are in the world, but with the condition that growing pot is legal there.