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Regular Cannabis Seeds

There's nothing regular about our "regular" Cannabis seeds that are on sale! These high quality seeds stand head and shoulders above the competition. If you're into crossing and breeding your own plants, these are the seeds for you. These strains have been bred from top quality Amsterdam cannabis genetics. They have not been pre selected as male or female, so you will get a bit of both. If you are not interested in cross-breeding and just want female plants for harvesting, head over to our feminized seeds category.

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Regular cannabis seeds are untouched, pure and potent seeds that are a delight to the farmer and the consumer; the seed category represents the true, pure nature of cannabis in all its glory. With regular seeds, you are sure of the substance of the bud as there are no twerks, modifications or enhancements for yield, taste, flavor or potency. They exist just as they should.

The regular seed groups are considered pure seeds and although they are often not as fancy as the other seed categories, they appeal to purists who want to feel the natural, uninfluenced effects of cannabis whether it is in the Sativa strain or Indica.

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, in pursuance of the purpose of strain purity and the sustenance of a pure cannabis seed gene pool, we have curated a variety of pure regular seeds to meet the demands of all whose goal is to farm cannabis in its natural form.

When you buy regular seeds from us, you can be sure of the exact genetic makeup and that the seeds are what we say they are. Our regular seed groups are of the finest quality, and while they are likely to produce any of male or female plants, the plants are sure to be sturdy and female groups are certain to produce rich buds with their natural flavor and potency.

Growing regular seeds require some skill levels but before we delve into what you need to know. Also refer to our Marijuana Grow Guide to learn more about growing.

What are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds categories that still maintain the original, natural genetic makeup of the plant. The seeds have not been tweaked to suit farming convenience nor to improve yield or fight diseases.

There are often breed as pure seeds, producing both male and female species. Regular seeds preserve the original genetics of pure cannabis breeds, and those that have been bred from female and male parental figures would usually give 50% male and 50% female seeds.

While it is factual that most cannabis growers and enthusiasts prefer feminized seeds and strains to their regular counterparts, we are one of those few seed banks that choose to cater to the needs of the purist who swear by regular seeds. For these ones, we would go the mile.

Our rich bank of regular seeds is open for your perusal. We have a wide variety of both Sativa and Indica strain of regular seeds for you that have proven genetics and a pure gene pool.

Difference between feminized and regular weed seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are the complete opposites of regular seeds. These groups of seeds are genetically modified and engineered to produce only female plants.

Natural breeding techniques are great but if your desire is to control the yield quality and specific characteristics of your strain, then you should consider switching to feminized cannabis seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds are, however, an entirely different case. Because with regular seeds, you are adopting natural breeding techniques, there is no place for seed twerking to enhance yield or to determine sex. Regular seeds unlike feminized seeds would produce both male and female plants.

Individuals who choose regular seeds would often adopt natural farming techniques that allow the natural cannabis cultivar to blossom at will. These sets of growers consider themselves purists and believe they obtain better quality plants from regular seeds.

But know this,

Because you run the risk of getting lots of male plants that can pollinate the female flower and ruin the yield when you plant regular seeds, it is pertinent that special care and watchful eyes should be on the plant to notice when flowering is about to occur, and to separate males from female plants.

Natural breeding techniques and regular seeds are better tailored to hobbyists and personal growers they do not offer the same commercial value as feminized seeds.

Best Way to Grow Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are versatile. They can be planted indoors or outdoors. Like other seeds, they benefit from the same grow process that is applied to all cannabis seeds.

These natural cannabis seeds require the same starting process and plenty of light once they start to form in their vegetative phase. Although, unlike feminized seeds that photoperiod strains, natural cannabis seeds are strong, sturdy and are able to survive in all conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does a male marijuana plant produce seeds

A male marijuana plant does not produce seeds. Instead, they make pollen, which helps in pollinating a female marijuana plant by attaching to the pistils to make seeds. From these seeds, some grow to be either males or females. The male seeds grow to male plants. Put simply, male seeds don’t come from male marijuana plants.

What do male marijuana seeds look like

By checking, it’s impossible to tell if a marijuana seed is male. Since the gender of a seed is determined by its genetics, the best way to know if a marijuana seed is indeed a male is by growing weed plants and checking their traits. Male marijuana plants have rounded pollen sacs.

How to tell male marijuana seeds from female

The only way to tell male marijuana seeds from their female counterparts is by growing regular cannabis seeds and checking the signs. If a marijuana plant has a small bud with pistillates and is generally white, then you had grown a female seed. If the plant has rounded pollen sacs with different splits, then that was a male seed.