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High Yield Seeds

We like big buds and we can not lie! If massive yield is your thing, you've come to the right place. We've cross-bred these fantastic strains to provide heavy harvests & heavy yielders. With yields of up to 40.6 ounces (1150 grams) per square meter, these (feminised & other) cannabis seeds are the gift that keeps on giving.

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Beyond the thrill of watching your cannabis seed germinate and blossom into a full grown plant is the desire for a bountiful yield. Yes! Everyone takes delight in the growing process but that can only become fulfilling when the yield is commensurate with the amount of invested time, money and resources.

Cannabis farming is a unique vocation. While you may put in the effort, make good with your equipment, time and proper care, you might not gain the desired yield due to no other fact than you chose the wrong seed.

Your choice of cannabis seeds can in no small measure determine how much yield you would get from your investment. There are seeds that have been engineered for higher yield and there are those for which no matter the amount of effort, time, money and energy invested would yield only the amount they are designed for.

In this article, we would be introducing you to some of the best high yield weed seeds that are the best bangs for your bucks.

Now let’s get on to business.

Buy High Yield Cannabis Seeds

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, we offer a shop for cannabis growers looking to increase the value of their yield by providing them with some of the best, high yielding weed seeds strains. Our extensive catalog of high yield cannabis seeds meets the demands of both cannabis hobbyists and commercial farmers.

At AMS, we bank some of the best autoflowering high yield seeds strains and high yield feminized marijuana seeds, and they are available for sale to all categories of cannabis farmers. We can also deliver to any part of the world including the USA and Canada.

If you are looking to buy high yield cannabis seeds, you would find some of the best deals and bargains on the AMS website.

What are High Yielding Strains?

High yield weed strains are cannabis seed strains that give you the best value for your money in large harvest without trading potency.

Several experienced growers have come to appreciate the power of high yield weed seeds in helping to scale their production for profit as not all strains are able to achieve the amount of yield you get with high yield weed strains.

High yielding cannabis seeds are particularly advantageous for basically every cannabis farmer in the business for profit.

To fully understand the impact of high yield strains, consider this. The usual yield you would get with regular marijuana seeds are between 200 – 300mgs per square meter. Now, imagine hitting as high as 1000mgs per square meter of space outdoors and about 700mgs of yield per square meter indoors… simply phenomenal!

That’s the power of high yield weed seeds.

At AMS, our high yielding cannabis seeds strain while offering a very high yield is also very potent and of the same highest standard of quality as you would expect from other seed strains. If you are looking to buy high yielding cannabis seeds, you should look no further than AMS.

Why Choose High Yielding Strains

High yielding cannabis seeds strains offers the benefit of yield. They produce 3 – 4x more yield than regular strains and as such are the best options for commercial growers or those trying to scale up their production

One other key advantage of using high yielding cannabis strains is in the area of management. Most high yield strains are resilient and often rugged. They aren’t prone to many of the limiting effects of regular strains and would not succumb to stress as would other strains.

They are great for outdoor and indoor planting and would do very well in any situation.

How to Grow High Yield Seeds

To grow high yielding seeds, you can apply the same methods to growing regular seeds (plant in aerated potting soil with adequate moisture) but this time, you should set more space distance between plants and also make adequate arrangement for plant support as most high yielding plant buds can become too heavy for their stalk.

Take the Big bud as an example. The award winning cannabis strain can often get so big and too heavy for its stalk so much that without support, its weight can break the stalk.

Popular High Yield Seeds

There are plenty of high yield weed seeds available on the market and you can find some of them here. But for the purpose of this category we have listed below five of the most popular high yielding marijuana seeds;

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best autoflowering high yield seed strains?

Autoflowering strains have very good potential to be high yielding and in fact, there are many high yield strains that are auto flowering. You can find a list of them in this category.

Are High Yield Strains Good For Beginner Growers?

Yes! As a matter of fact, anyone can plant high yield weed seeds. Just follow the advisory on how to manage them particularly during flowering till when the buds become mature for harvest.

The strains are usually resilient and most farmers have described them as docile, not requiring much attention.

Are High Yield Seed Strains Better Than Regular Seeds?

The only difference between high yield weed seeds and regular seeds is in the amount of the yield at final harvest.

If you are a personal grower, this may not matter much but for commercial growers, this may be the difference between turning a profit and running at a loss.