Sativa Seeds

Because of the happy high, Sativa weed seeds are the primary choice by a lot of cannabis growers. Our master breeder always looks for the purest Sativa strain he can find. Growing sativa genetics can be a challenge, but nothing worth growing comes easy! So please browse through our strains; we have a carefully selected collection of great regular, feminized and auto-flower Sativa Seeds.

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What are cannabis Sativa seeds?

Sativa seeds grow into a Sativa cannabis plant, which has longer buds, thinner leaves, a more uplifting high, and a longer flowering time than its counterpart, the Indica plant. It is often found in hotter climates. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor growing. When growing outdoors in a hot climate, Sativa seeds are a great choice. The reason for this is the long flowering period, which gives it a chance to get some extra weeks of sunlight. And, of course, the extra sunlight results in larger buds. The THC content is a bit lower than Indica seeds, but over the past few years, the Sativa strains have made significant progress in closing this gap.

Different kinds of Sativa seeds

There are different kinds of pure Sativa strains. In the following Table, we will explain the differences.

Strain typeCharacteristicsBest for
Autoflower• Limited yield compared to feminized seeds.
• Goes into the flowering stage after a certain amount of time.
•Easy to grow.
Beginners, growers with limited space.
Feminized•Genetically modified to only produce female plants.
•Gives the biggest yield.
Beginners, growers with enough space, advanced growers.
Regular•Perfect for crossbreeding.
•Cheaper than feminized seeds.
•50% chance of a female plant.
•50% chance of a male plant.

Crossbreeders who want to grow their own seeds. Growers with a limited budget. Original cannabis enthusiasts.

Origins of the cannabis Sativa seeds

Sativa originates from Latin and means “cultivated.” Sativa was first given to hemp cultivated for medicinal purposes. English herbalist William Turner is credited to have been the first to describe this species by this name in his book, “ The Names of Herbes (1548)” Over the years, Cannabis Sativa has gained worldwide fame for its fiery effects and was a key ingredient in potions.
The true origins of the plant have not been established. Depending on whom you are speaking with, you are likely to hear it’s from China, the Middle East, or even Eastern Europe. Regardless of its distinct origin, the most important concern is that it has proven to be a helpful plant with enormously rich derivatives that have very potent effects.

Top 3 most sold autoflower Sativa seeds

Our customers prefer autoflowers above feminized seeds by a small margin. To help you search for the right seeds, we made a list of our most sold autoflower Sativa seeds. Enjoy.

1. AK 47 Xtrm autoflowering seeds (A hybrid of White Widow XTRM x AK 47)

The most sold Sativa autoflower seeds are AK 47 XTRM. This strain is custom bred by our breed master Relaximo. He crossed our White Widow XTRM strain, w more potent version of the White Widow strain, with the famous AK 47 strain. The result is an autoflower with a higher THC content and bigger Sativa buds than most other strains. No wonder this is our most-sold Sativa autoflower strain. This strain is 75% Sativa dominant.

2. Amnesia trance autoflowering seeds (Amnesia, but with bigger buds)

Amnesia is a classic strain famous for its strong effects. The Amnesia trance autoflowering strain is a direct descendant of its famous grandparent. The autoflowering version is much stronger and gives a much higher yield. Even though this strain is mostly Sativa, it also contains 35% Indica. This makes it a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

3. Haze autoflowering seeds (the strain with Californian roots)

The Haze autoflowering seeds stand out from the other strains in this list by their distinct taste, long narrow leaves, and height. This strain can grow up to 110 cm / 43.3 inches in height and is a light Skunk crossing.

Top 3 best Sativa feminized seeds

Compared to autoflowers, the Sativa feminized seeds yield much more buds to harvest, op to triple the weight. No wonder those with enough space prefer these feminized Sativa seeds above other plants. Here is our list of the best Sativa seeds for sale in this category..

1. AK 47 Xtrm feminized seeds (our customer's favorite)

You probably recognize this strain from the above list. The AK 47 Xtrm feminized seeds are our customer's favorite choice because of the big yield of this cannabis plant. Indoors this strain can yield up to 700 grams (24 Ounces) and up to 1000 grams (35 Ounces) per square meter outdoors. Just like its autoflower counterpart, these AK 47 feminized seeds are like a regular AK 47 strain, but with improvements in all areas, without losing their AK 47 characteristics.

2. Aussie Blues feminized seeds (the cheapest seeds in this list)

When looking for a nearly pure Sativa strain, the Aussie Blues seeds are as close to a pure Sativa strain as you can get. This is a crossbreed of different Sativa seeds, resulting in a massive 90% Sativa dominant plant. With an average THC level of 24%, these Sativa seeds will not disappoint those looking for high-THC Sativa seeds. The yield compared to the AK 47 Xtrm is around one-third less, but this strain makes up for it with its high THC content and distinct taste.

3. Chocolope Feminized Seeds (for coffee lovers)

Anyone who drinks coffee will love our Chocolope feminized strain. It has a distinct chocolatey taste, aroma, and a medium THC level of 18%. The high kicks in fast and does not last as long as other cannabis Sativa strains, which is ideal for a little middle-of-the-day joint. The downside of this great strain is that it is quite expensive compared to other strains because of its rarity.

Combo cannabis seeds packages

As with all our marijuana seeds, we also have Sativa seeds combo packages. The pros of buying marijuana seeds in combo packages are the discount you get compared to buying the seeds separately. Often these combo packages contain marijuana seeds carefully selected by our breeder. For example, we have combo packages containing different kinds of White Widow seeds. Combo packages are great if you want to grow multiple Sativa plants. Buying seeds in a combo package gives an average of 30% discount.

Sativa seeds for sale in the USA (and worldwide)

Even though we ship worldwide, loads of our customers are in the USA. We have been delivering Sativa seeds to the USA for 25 years. With AMS, you can be sure of fast and discrete delivery of your marijuana seeds to anywhere in the USA. No wonder we are the preferred seed bank for so many Americans. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about delivering Sativa seeds to the USA.

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