High CBD Feminized seeds

Do you want to harvest buds that have a high content of CBD, the cannabinoid with multiple therapeutic benefits? Do not hesitate, choose our AMS feminized seeds, the best high CBD cannabis seeds on the market. Our AMS feminized seeds are the result of a professional work of selection and crossing of the most outstanding cannabis strains with a high CBD ratio. With our AMS feminized seeds, you will only obtain female plants, which will give you a generous and quality production. In addition, our AMS feminized seeds are easy to grow, as they have a short life cycle, are resistant to cold, mold and pests, and produce dense, resinous and aromatic buds. With our AMS feminized seeds, you will enjoy a mild, soothing and medicinal effect, ideal to relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation and many other conditions. Don't wait any longer, order now your feminized AMS seeds and start growing the high CBD cannabis you need.

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What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that have been carefully engineered through advanced breeding techniques to grow exclusively as female plants. These female seeds are photoperiod, meaning their growth and flowering phases respond to changes in the light cycle.

Feminized seeds make cultivation easier by removing the need to spot and remove male plants, streamlining the process. This focused approach maximizes resources, resulting in a higher yield of potent cannabis flowers. Growers can improve their crops by adjusting the light schedule to optimize the way plants respond to changes in light. This gives them more control over when plants grow and are ready for harvest.

plant from feminized seed plant from feminized seed

Understanding the Advantages of Feminized Seeds

Only female cannabis plants: 

Feminized weed seeds are designed to grow only into female plants, saving growers the task of identifying and removing male plants during the growing process.

Increased yield: 

Without male plants around, all of the plant's energy goes into the production of bigger, stronger buds, and there is more cannabis to harvest overall.

Efficiency in time and space: 

The streamlined seed female cultivation process saves time and optimizes growing space. Growers can focus on growing a more productive and space-efficient garden without worrying about male plants disrupting the process.

Prevents accidental pollination:

Minimizes the risk of accidental pollination, which can result in seed production rather than flower development. This ensures that the harvest consists primarily of seedless, high-quality flowers.

Simplified cultivation:

Growing with feminized marijuana seeds simplifies the entire growing process, making it more accessible to novice growers. Eliminating male plants reduces the complexity of cultivation, allowing for a smoother and more enjoyable gardening experience.

Genetic consistency:

Reputable suppliers ensure the genetic integrity of feminized canabis seeds, providing growers with a consistent and reliable product. This consistency allows for more predictable results in terms of growth characteristics and cannabinoid profiles.


Top criteria for new feminized seed genetics in 2023

In 2023, the people who make and care for feminized pot seeds are looking for better feminized plants. They want them to bear more fruit, not get sick and not be difficult to grow.

Many people like CBG, a substance found in the cannabis plant. CBG does not get you high like THC, but it can have many health benefits. According to a survey in 2023, more than half of the people who use cannabis products prefer CBG to other substances. This is a big increase from the previous year.

There is also a desire to make female cannabis seeds better. They mainly focus on these things:


  • size and structure of the bud or flower 
  • Improvement of the THC density and potency. 
  • Improvements in disease resistance of the female seed.

Enhance your garden with Feminized Seeds

Strategically enhance your garden with premium feminised pot seeds from reputable suppliers to ensure robust genetic integrity for a healthy crop. Tailor the environment to the specific needs of these seeds, including precise temperature, humidity and lighting. Vigilantly monitor for early signs of stress or disease and intervene quickly to maintain plant health. 

Optimal Conditions for Growing Feminized Seeds

Optimal conditions for the growth of feminized marijuana seeds can contribute significantly to a successful growing process.


During the seedling and vegetative stages, maintain a temperature range of 70-85°F (21-29°C). This provides a warm and stable environment for healthy growth. As plants mature, slightly cooler temperatures at the lower end of the range can promote vigorous development.


In the early stages, when seeds are germinating and plants are in the seedling stage, aim for higher humidity levels of around 65-70%. As the plants progress to the vegetative stage, gradually reduce the humidity to 40-60%. Lower humidity levels will help prevent problems such as mold and mildew during the flowering stage.


For the vegetative stage, provide 18-24 hours of light per day. High Intensity Discharge (HID), LED or fluorescent lights are commonly used during this stage. Transition to a 12-hour light/12-hour dark cycle for the flowering stage to stimulate bud development. Use lights designed specifically for the flowering stage to increase flower production.

These general guidelines can be adjusted based on specific strains, environmental conditions and the equipment you have available. Regularly monitoring and adjusting these factors will help ensure the healthy growth of your feminized marijuana plants.

Is it legal to sell Feminized Seeds? 

As marijuana becomes more widely accepted and legalized, there is a growing demand for feminized canabis seeds available for purchase. 

The legal status of feminized canabis seeds depends on the country or state where you live. In some places, female cannabis seeds are legal as long as they are not germinated or cultivated. In other places, cannabis seeds are illegal regardless of their type or use. Therefore, it is important to check the local laws before buying or selling feminized seeds.

Spelling Variations: Feminised vs. Feminized in Cannabis Cultivation

"Feminised seeds" and "feminized seeds" refer to the same concept, with the former being the British English spelling and the latter being the American English spelling. Both terms describe cannabis seeds that have been specially bred to produce only female plants, taking into account regional language variations. The choice between the two spellings depends on the conventions preferred by the user or the region. In the cannabis industry, both terms are actively used and understood to have the same meaning.


Buy Feminized Seeds 

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A selection of our best feminized seeds

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See plants grow, buds mature, and your garden transform into a delightful haven of sensations. In case you are seeking a trustworthy place to purchase seed feminized in the USA, we have got you covered. 

Our breeders have selected the best genetic strains to guarantee high-quality feminized marijuana seeds, similar to those found in Amsterdam. Indulge in the aromatic and cannabinoid-rich blossoms of our feminized genetics, fueled by the forces of nature.