Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

If you're all about keeping it simple, autoflower seeds from AMS are the right choice! Autoflowering seeds will put your plant on autopilot. You don't have to worry about triggering the flowering stage. Auto flower cannabis seeds will go from sprout to vegetative to flowering stage all by themselves. Our autoflower seeds are engineered to provide a maximum yield as fast as possible. AMS since 1996

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What are autoflower seeds?

These seeds are unique. They have the ability to transition from the growing phase to the flowering phase on their own. This transition occurs as the seeds age, without any external factors such as changes in light.

These strains come in a range of CBD and THC ratios and provide a variety of terpene profiles, making them an attractive option for novice growers and individuals looking for faster cultivation outcomes.

So, what makes auto flower seeds strains unique?

The growth cycle of cannabis plants usually involves two key phases: the vegetative phase and the flowering phase. 

In the flowering phase, photoperiodic cannabis strains require changes in the light cycle, particularly a reduction in light, to induce flowering.

However, this seed variety does not depend on changes in light to initiate flowering, but follows its internal calendar.

This difference is what sets autoflowering seeds apart, as they can start flowering without external light cues.

The autoflower genetic 

The Ruderalis species developed the autoflower trait as an adaptive survival mechanism in cold regions of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. 

This trait ensures reproduction before temperature drops. It's present in all autoflower seeds. 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has harnessed this adaptation to create fast-growing, high-yield autoflower cannabis seeds.

Characteristics of autoflower Seeds

These seeds exhibit various characteristics. While the strain offers numerous advantages to cannabis growers, some factors may not be as endearing.

Below are some of the key benefits of this strain;

Autoflower seeds have a short growing cycle, with the average plant taking about 8 to 10 weeks from sowing to harvesting.

Discreet plants:

Auto-flowering seeds are discreet due to their smaller size, making them suitable for indoor cultivation, including your living room.

Simple lighting demands: 

Auto flowering seeds require less light to flower; this is their unique advantage. As a result, they can self-pollinate and flower within a given time without external cues or restrictions.

Fewer nutrients needed: 

Auto flowering seeds strains are a survivalist beast. The plant does not need any special care or intensive routine. As a result, they would survive under almost any conditions.

How are autoflower seeds created?

Crossing Cannabis ruderalis with other cannabis strains produces autoflower cannabis seeds.

Cannabis ruderalis is a hardy, fast-flowering cannabis strain native to Central and Eastern Europe. 

The resulting plants are typically small and compact with a short flowering period, now referred to as autoflowers.

How potent are autoflower cannabis seeds?

Autoflowers, like other cannabis species, vary in potency. Some autoflower strains, such as White Widow XTRM Autoflower Seeds, are notable for their high THC content, reaching up to 23%. Growers prefer this strain for its high yield.

Forest Fruits Autoflower Cannabis Seeds is another potent autoflower strain with up to 23% THC content. It produces large, trichome-covered buds and is a blend of New York Diesel and Blueberry 420, offering a sweet blueberry flavor. This strain is popular with those who appreciate flavored strains.

What do you need to Grow autoflower weed seeds?

To successfully grow these marijuana seeds, you will need a few key elements: a growing medium, water, light and nutrients. The growing medium is the material that supports the growth of the plant. Soil is the most common choice, but you can also use alternatives such as coco or rockwool.

Water is essential for all plant growth, so it's important to water your plants regularly. Light is also essential for plant development. Autoflower cannibis seeds need about 12 to 18 hours of light each day to thrive. These are the basic components to ensure that your autoflower weed seeds grow effectively.

How to grow the autoflower seeds?

The first step in growing healthy autoflowering cannibis plants is germination. Use the paper towel method: place seeds between damp paper towels in a sealed bag or container. 

Maintain a warm, humid environment (around 70-80°F or 21-27°C). You'll see taproots emerge in a few days. 

Carefully transplant these germinated seeds into your chosen growing medium, making sure the taproot is facing down and lightly covered with soil. Proper germination is essential for vigorous growth.