If you're a habitual weed smoker you've probably thought about making your own edibles at least once, right? The good news is that the process is actually pretty easy, and there are tons of different recipes and techniques you can find online to ensure you don't mess it up. Although one thing there isn't very much of is concise and informative lists of the best strains to use when making edibles, this is where I come in. Without further ado, here are some of my personal favorite weed strains to cook with:

OG Kush

Of course, this strain is an obvious choice for making sweet treats with due to the effects that it delivers unto its user. OG Kush reportedly makes those who smoke it feel as though they are on a light, a fluffy cloud floating through the air. One word that springs to mind in regard to this strain is complete and utter euphoria.

White Widow

White Widow is an absolute masterpiece of a Sativa and is certainly up there with some of the best varieties of all time. It's incredibly potent and flavorsome, giving off a refreshing mint aroma that'll make your edibles a total hit.

Whichever strain you use, always remember that less is more when you're making edibles, you can always add extra if and when you need to. Also, have a long, hard think about what kind of effects you want your treats to deliver, that is, if you want to be superglued to your couch, choose an Indica-heavy strain, and if you want a more party-friendly effect, opt for a Sativa.