Here is our Super Silver Haze, we love Super Silver Haze our version is very potent. Better harvest, easier to grow and healthier plants. This type of Super Silver Haze is an outstanding masterpiece of cannabis cultivation. In this strain you will find a well balanced mix of the equal genes that, throughout the world, are considered the be the most dominant sativa ever known to man.

Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

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THC Level 21 - 23%
Indica / Sativa 35% / 65%
Yield 550 - 800 gr / plant
Height Tall
Flowering Time 8 - 10 weeks
Climate Temperate, Tropical
Effects Creative, Happy, Productive, Uplifting
Flavor Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

A Delicious Solid Gold Oldie

Enjoy this delicious haze, just like our parents used to! Super Silver Haze will take you back to the eighties, will you join us there? Super Silver Haze feminized has sweet scents even when growing, and the same trend continues when you take your favorite hit of this grass.

Native To Different Regions

Its origin is in Central America, South India, and Thailand. Our expert, Relaximo, worked his magic and customized the strain so that it would lead to faster successes. Making the old-style compatible with the new era.

Today, our Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds are one of the top-sellers for a reason – they resonate with the original Haze. Probably you are here typically because you had a hit of the AMS feminized Super Silver Haze and would like to trial and witness her capability from the get-go. No reason for hesitation, Relaximo has got your back in improving the strain to be more of the original, while maintaining the desired features of a typical feminized Haze.

Her magical traditional characteristics have been made very manageable in this strain, lending itself extremely well for indoor breeding. Here is our Super Silver Haze, we love Super Silver Haze our version is very potent.

A Typical Sativa

The strain had it's heyday in the eighties. Its immense popularity was mainly due to the delightful floating and not too extreme high. Currently this strain is on the rise again. The Super Silver Haze is a primordial haze which has recently been rediscovered by a loving, passionate grower. Now you can enjoy all the good things of the past, without having to evaporate the awesome ancient high.

In this strain, you will find a well-balanced mix of the equal genes that, throughout the world, are considered to be the most dominant sativa ever known to man.

The Super Silver feminized strain has her Sativa dominance at 65%, and Indica being 35%. You can expect the general characteristics of a Sativa-dominant strain any time you take your hit of this grass. During the day, your moods are guaranteed to get elevated, creativity and productivity get boosted, and a cheeky smile all through remains part of you.

Raising Super Silver Fem

It isn't a daunting affair to have your weed from Super Silver seeds. One of the critical factors that will get you going is by ensuring that you are analytical about how you go about it. For instance, what among the many cannabis seeds germination methods do you know? Is it direct germination, overnight soaking, seedling plugs, the paper towel method, or all? Regardless of your choice, doing everything right will enable you to get healthy Super Silver feminized seedlings.

One of the points to note, though, is that this strain has a moderate growing difficulty. Even though it can be straightforward to germinate her, the exact raising of this strain isn't so favorable to an absolute beginner. Not to worry if you are an absolute beginner, though, there are other options to explore on our website.

Being the Sativa she is, it is sure that she is a towering strain. The outdoor heights go to as high as 240cm, with the indoor heights being up to 80cm. This should click a crucial thing on your mind – adequate spacing. So, let's assume that you have cultivated this strain indoors. You need to ensure that the space between her collar and the top of the growing medium (such as a greenhouse) there is enough spacing such that whenever cannabis grow light gets put there, there is no worry about it scorching the leaves and buds of the plant.

Better harvest, easier to grow, and healthier plants. This type of Super Silver Haze is an outstanding masterpiece of cannabis cultivation.

When the grower does the needful, they rest assured of garnering up to 600gms per square meter of indoor yields and 800gms per square meter from Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds.

Need some help growing your Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds? Read our Grow Guide!

High-quality Marijuana Seeds At Irresistible Prices

Quality comes at a price, right? We will not tell you that we are the cheapest marijuana seed bank in the world dealing in Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds, but one thing is sure – our prices are pocket-friendly in a couple of ways.

Firstly, these Super Silver Haze seeds, just as is the case with seeds on our website, automatically attract a 10% price discount for the grower who wishes to pay for these using Bitcoins.

Secondly, we run price deals from time to time, and our top-selling Super Silver Haze feminized seeds are among the seeds that get sold at discounted prices. However, this offer gets announced mostly for the customers who have signed up for the newsletter. There, we announce more about different strains, whenever we have new additions of strains, price deals, and provide a blog post along with every email to enable you to get ahead of fellow potheads knowledge-wise. A win-win situation if you so wish to say so.

About the quality of our seeds, we provide a 90% germination guarantee to our customers. For most of them, the seeds germinate at a 100% success rate, especially those who do everything as per our germination guide.

We Have Ground-breaking Online Reviews

Our Super Silver Haze feminized seeds customers and others who love different strains are a bunch of satisfied folks. According to Cece, this is how he described AMS, "Always great products. High quality, fast shipping. Quality!"

Would you wish to join the chain of our satisfied customers who describe our seed bank as outstanding? Check us out on TrustPilot or Kiyoh, and be in the position to get the nitty-gritty of what we are saying.

How Much Do You Love AMS?

Sounds rhetorical, we know. We know that you dearly love us and wouldn't mind if you spread the love. As you order your packet of Super Silver Haze seeds, what if you grab a piece of our merchandise with you?

Well, here, you can find a plethora of different products and of different sizes and colors. For instance, we have t-shirts and sweaters and tailored explicitly for other occasions and weather. We have 420 weed holiday t-shirts, t-shirts for getting worn as you visit your beauties, and of course, sweaters to be worn whenever you feel that the weather is frigid.

We won't be happier if we process your seeds and merchandise orders for you. Together, let's green our mother nature.

Do You Have Any Concerns?

Probably you have a couple of concerns about our brand, seeds, or anything to do with cannabis cultivation. Well, that should be unheard of. The Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company is your dependable home to conclusive responses to your concerns.

Our CS is always in the lookout for any email, Facebook DM, Instagram message, or call that lurks on our communication channels for profound action-taking.


Customer Reviews

Amazing Plant Review by Josh (Posted on 10/29/2021)
Mabey I got lucky with the phenotype. 43 days on this one and done. Averaging 1 Lb per 1000 watt. I have had batches tested up to 29% thc and consistently above 21%. Good job AMS!
Quality Review by Cece (Posted on 8/21/2020)
Always great products. High quality, fast shipping. Quality!
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