The correct pH value when growing weed

As you know, all plants (including your precious weed plants) need nutrients to grow healthy and stay strong. They require macronutrients to thrive and grow into sturdy bushes. These macronutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. But your plant also needs micronutrients and minerals, they need less of them, but these minerals are just as important. Micronutrients are calcium, magnesium, copper, and iron. If your plant gets too little of it, you will know soon. It will lead to shortages and other problems. If cannabis plants do not have access to sufficient nutrients, the plants will hang and limp. For weed plants, it applies that they are only able to absorb nutrients within a certain pH range. Read on to discover everything about pH value.

The right pH value for weed plants

The pH value for weed plants should be between 6 and 7. That is if the weed plant grows in soil. Is the pH value lower? Or is it higher? This causes your cannabis plant cannot to absorb enough nutrients which lead to a shortage. This shortage of nutrients is also known as nutrient exclusion or nutrient lockout These are issues that you do not want to happen to your weed plant.

When weed grows outdoors, in your garden, or in the wild, the soil usually is a bit acidic. This is why the weed plants that you grow at home also like a slightly acidic environment. When you start growing cannabis it is therefore important that you pay a lot of attention to good soil. The way you breed cannabis also plays a role in the optimum pH value for your cannabis plants. So, keep that in mind. For example, marijuana that is grown in hydroponics (or without soil) needs lower pH than weed plants that grow in soil.

Checking the pH value

Controlling the pH value means that you need to check the water or the nutrient solution. If this is out of range, you need to adjust it. This is may sound complicated, but it is in fact quite easy.

For example, you can use a digital pH meter to check the pH value. This is probably the easiest way to measure the pH value. It is also possible to do a pH test with drops. Opinions differ as to which is the best method. Not all growers agree on this one. Some people prefer digital pH meters because they are accurate and easy to read. Good point. Other growers opt for the drops because this is simple and you do not need to calibrate. This also has its advantages. Why don't you just try both options and discover what you prefer to use? Whichever way you use it, if you take action in the right way, your plants will certainly recover.

Adjusting the pH value

If you find that the pH value is too high or too low then it is important that you change the pH. Do not think about this too easily, it is really very important that you take action immediately. This is possible with so-called pH up and pH down products. These products are very easy to use. You can buy these products at your local garden center. If the pH value is too high, you need to add some pH down and vice versa. That makes sense, right?

Most tap water contains alkaline, and that is why you usually should lower the pH value and not increase it. Make sure you measure accurately. Use one of the two methods described above. A bottle of pH down usually is enough to straighten the values again. Usually, you need small amounts of these products to adjust the pH value. So, be careful not to use too much. That is not good for your plants. Only with a little amount, you will soon notice results. Add the required amount and check your water with the pH meter or with the drops again. If everything is right, within the desired range, it is possible to feed your precious weed plants.

Happy growing!