If you are a big cannabis fan, you definitely must have heard a thing about the chronic feminized cannabis strain. For many, their reasons for picking chronic feminized cannabis strain ahead of others is its combination of delicious sweet fragrance and its amazingly beautiful appearance. For others, chronic is simply their run-to for cannabis-derived medicinal properties. No matter how you choose to use this strain, it gives you a thousand reasons to keep coming back for more. It is considered the most demanded seed in the world, and not many seed banks can offer you a sustainable supply. But we have just enough to satisfy your hunger for a lifetime of premium cannabis experience.

Chronic Feminized Seeds

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THC Level 21 - 23%
Indica / Sativa 70% / 30%
Yield 550 - 800 gr / plant
Height Average
Flowering Time 8 - 9 weeks
Climate Mediterranean, Temperate, Warm Dry
Effects Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifting
Flavor Flowery, Peppery, Spicy, Sweet

Chronic feminized cannabis strain is not just your regular cannabis strain. It develops a very large cone with slightly smaller side branches. If you decide to cultivate this strain, you will get a rapidly maturing plant with a characteristic purple glow. The aesthetic balance it adds to your garden is beyond words. The Indica: Sativa ratio is about 70% to 30% giving you an Indica dominance level only a few cannabis strains can provide. If you are also a fan of high THC levels, you have your match here. It packs a THC range between 20% to 30%, with the average THC level for most plants capped at 23%. Once you have a stash, don’t be surprised if you become the most wanted man in town.

Origin of the Chronic Feminized Cannabis Strain

Not only does it pack so much in popularity, but the chronic feminized cannabis strain also has a rich heritage and genealogy. It is an advanced plant derived from the cross-breeding of Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK 47. Its modern history is traced back to 1994 when it was developed and widely cultivated by cannabis enthusiasts. At first, the parent strains were only the Northern Lights and the Skunk. Later on, AK 47 was added to the hybrid to optimize for increased buds and THC levels. This is exactly why this strain provides one of the best Indica: Sativa ratios in the world today. This is why we are giving you the best brand of this high-quality marijuana strain.

The flavor of the Chronic Feminized Cannabis Strain

Do you want highly-flavored feminized cannabis? Try the chronic feminized cannabis strain. Many of our customers never stop recommending these strains just based on their amazing flavors alone. It has big sticky buds that you can’t miss on the first observation. Far from just the size, the buds give you a majestic flavor, sweet, flowery with a spicy aftertaste. Experienced farmers have a way of preserving the aroma, so they don't get lost after harvesting. You might have to thoroughly dry the buds after harvesting if you need the aroma and scent intact. The flavor combination hints at sweeter notes of honey and flowers, and you might register a peppery spice once you start to break it up.

Effects of Chronic Feminized Cannabis Strain

The THC level also makes this strain a good choice for recreational use. Chronic Feminized makes you feel relaxed and loosen up the tension in your muscles. It also gives you an uplifting effect and a stream of euphoria. Sometimes, the chronic feminized cannabis strain gives the powerful effect that leaves you with a dry mouth and a dazzled feeling.

The yield of Chronic Feminized Strain

Quality seeds are important if you desire a plant with very high yields. This is why we offer our customers the best of these seeds. Chronic feminized cannabis strain gives a high yield if you understand how best to hack the growth process. You can select one of our recommended Growing Techniques to better understand your chances. As a high-yield plant, buds that develop from your plant are big. It also gives you large cones, side branches, and a bright purple glow. Chronic feminized cannabis strain gives an outdoor yield of about 600 grams or 21.2 ounces per square meter. If you prefer an indoor system, maybe for its bright colors, you might still have up to 500 grams or 17.6 ounces per square meter.

Growing Conditions of Chronic Feminized Strain

Chronic feminized strain is easy to cultivate. With a growth difficulty level of moderate, you have a chance at getting a good plant even as a beginner. You can check through our Grow Guide for growth hacks that increase your plant potential. Chronic feminized can thrive under both indoor and outdoor growth conditions. If you prefer the outdoor growth methods, your plant can grow as high as 180 cm or 70.9 inches. If you choose an indoor growth method, your plant can still grow to about 70 cm or 27.6 inches. If you do every right, your plant should start flowering by the 9th week of germination. Harvest time is set for September/October. You can also check through our seed bank to see other cannabis strains with a high yield like the Chronic feminized.


Customer Reviews

Amazing Review by Kez (Posted on 10/8/2022)
Fantastic service , fast , discreet and the seeds are amazing. Far surpassing expectations.
I can’t thank you guys enough
5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Personal favorite Review by Kevlarmorte (Posted on 5/20/2022)
Chronic plants typically outgrow all other strains I have tried (that is a lot).
The high is my personal favorite. (I am high strung and have muscle spasms, this helps with both.).
It easy to ignore the small annoyances that normally drive me nuts.
Some of the best Review by Can-issouer (Posted on 3/27/2022)
This was hands down the dopest dope I ever smoked was years ago though but still well worth it impressed to have to hold some more for the day I can start smoking and growing when legalized
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by John (Posted on 3/12/2021)
The best quality strains in the world are supported by the best customer service team, excellent gardeners, and superb seed quality. I have never been disappointed in the least way in my business with AMS and I am about place my third order, this time for Medijuana, Chronic, Limoncello Haze, Mega Jackpot, plus they are throwing in 5 free purple power feminized seeds, which the free strain changes regularly. I buy all of my seeds feminized but AMS has a lot of regular seeds to for even cheaper too!

My only suggestion would be to include a little more information about how each strain should look at harvest, because some of the photos seems like the flowers are in their 4th-5th week of flowering, and I would really like to know what my AK-47 xtrm should look like before I cut it down in this 8th week of flowering. I guess I'll just have to pull out the old microscope and focus in on those trichromes, hehe.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by KD (Posted on 3/1/2021)
I purchased" 5 chronic feminized seeds planted 2 both germinated within 2 days.plants are growing fast and strong.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by David (Posted on 3/1/2021)
AMS is absolutely the only seed bank I use now. I have NEVER been disappointed with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Something I can't say about all seed banks. I have Chronic ready for harvest now. It literally looks like someone dumped a bowl of sugar on the flowers. The flowers are snow white only because trichromes are so thick! Every strain looks just like advertised. I've grown several strains now from AMS. Perfect every time. I'm a disabled vet so I need the medical grade genetics. I will tell anyone AMS has the best genetics out there.
A good choice for a seed company! Review by Leon B. (Posted on 2/18/2021)
I have ordered 3 or 4 times from Amsterdam Seeds. I have always received my order, and my germination rates have been great. Almost perfect. I had one run of Chronic go bad, but in fairness, that could have been me. White Widow XTRM was my best and favorite so far. My only negative was that everything on the website as of writing this does not show an average testing range for cannabinoids. That would be something I want. Great company in my opinion, though. The plants always seems happy and green. The grow success is up to you, but with genetics from this company, you are off to a decent start. For the great strains I have used from here, I will return the favor with a decent review! I might have been a little harder with my rating, but other companies have proved more difficult for me to do business with in my 10 attempts to buy seeds, and it seems that this company IS upping their website game a little, which was one of my few complaints. Overall, I feel that they have earned a 4 star out of 5, and I will honestly give Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds my red-eyes approval. A good choice for a seed company!
Impressed Review by John C (Posted on 5/27/2019)
Very Impressed with this product
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