Cannabis is a superfood

Everyone knows the effects of vaping or smoking cannabis. But there are many more ways to consume the herb. Did you know that you can also eat it raw? The cannabis plant has many health benefits, it has a lot of nutritional value. Eating it raw you will benefit from fibers, vitanimes, minerals, proteins and ... antioxidants.

Raw cannabis

What happens if you consume raw cannabis? The most important effect has to do with the cannabinoid acids CBDA (cannabidiol acid) and THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). With the consumption of raw cannabis, thes two will remain unchanged. What that means? That no psychoactive effects occur. Only when cannabis is heated, the THCA is converted into THC and THC ensures that you get high. And then there are also the terpenes. These are preserved much better if you do not smoke (heat) the plant material. Did you know that terpenes in cannabis have many health benefits to offer? They are not only partly responsible for the taste and color of the plant, but they are also powerful in terms of health. CBDA (related to CBD) has anti-inflammatory properties. It is an antibacterial agent and helps to fight nausea and vomiting. Preclinical studies show that THCA can offer protection against a number of neurodegenerative diseases.

Raw cannabis does not make you high

Eating raw weed does not make you high. That is because, as indicated earlier, the THCA is not transformed into THC. There is no decarboxylation process caused by heating. Some cannabis users may want the feeling of being high, but for many others the health aspect is more important. And in both fields cannabis has a lot to offer, much more about which we know nothing yet, and therefore it is important that al lot more research is being done.

The substances THCA and CBDA, which are contained in 'cold' cannabis, do not induce the same effects and reactions as THC and CBD. It is believed that all of these substances have great therapeutic potential. But raw cannabis is often skipped in this regard. While it is a very healthy food source. Like many other vegetables with green leaves, cannabis contains a lot of fiber, iron, fatty acids and proteins. And don't forget that cannabis is a rich source of vitamin K and vitamin C.

How do you consume raw cannabis?

There are many options for adding cannabis to your meals. How about a healthy, green smoothie? You can also combine it with other fruit and vegetables and mix a tasty, smoothie together. But you can also mix cannabis leaves with your salad. The health benefits of raw cannabis are surprising, so experiment with it!

Have you ever considered eating cannabis raw?

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