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Autoflower Flash Sale

Runtz Feminized Seeds

  • Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica
  • Yield: Average Yield
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • THC level: 23% and up
  • Effect: Body-Stoned
  • Taste: Citrus,Fruity

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Runtz Feminized Seeds

Voted Leafly's strain of the year in 2020, Runtz is a fan favorite. It's sure not to disappoint!  When buying seeds it's important to get them from a reliable seed bank. We have been in the market for more than 25 years, always offering the best quality and service. This world is our passion and that is why we are always pushing ourselves to innovate and experiment with new trends and tastes in order to satisfy our most demanding customers. With Runtz we offer you the perfect hybrid! This tasty strain has excellent parents, Zkittlez and Gelato. Without a doubt, it's the gift that keeps on giving, you'll enjoy every toke!

About Runtz feminized seeds

As a 50 / 50 hybrid, Runtz will give you a balanced high. This isn't your typical Indica melt-into-the-couch type of strain. Runtz is an ideal strain for any grow. It will adapt to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It will delight you with its lime green tones with touches of bright purple. Most importantly, it will give you very tight, sticky buds full of orange pistils.

What are the effects of Runtz Feminized weed?

You can expect a feeling of euphoria mixed with a mellow body stoned and a sense of bliss and harmony.  It's perfect for socializing and daytime smoking. It boasts THC levels of around 20%, perfect for experienced stoners. If you can handle it, dive in and have a great time. If, on the other hand, you are new to the wonderful world of cannabis, you'll want to take it easy, gradually letting its stimulating effects take over. Either way, it will certainly be a very therapeutic high.

What does Runtz feminized taste like?

This variety is characterized as being particularly tasty. You can expect Fruity, sweet flavors, with touches of citrus that lighten the sweetness that'll make you return for more. The taste will be phenomenal both when smoking or vaping. Its flavors are also fantastic when eaten. As we say in Holland, it's Lekker! (Tasty!)

Characteristics and care

It's a grow with moderate difficulty. It's not the easiest strain for a beginner, but with a little dedication, we're sure you can pull it off and enjoy every part of growing your Runtz Feminized seeds. The flowering time will range between 7 to 9 weeks. And it's sure to produce a generous yield, especially if you grow them outdoors.

Yield Average Yield
THC Level 23% and up
Indica / Sativa 75% / 25%
Height Average
Effects Body-Stoned, Euphoric, Social
Climate Mediterranean, Temperate
Flavor Citrus, Fruity, Sweet
Flowering Time 7 - 9 weeks
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