If you are a grower you have probably heard of dozens of different so-called superfoods or other commercial products advertised to improve the quality of your grow, and not all of these can be trusted. However, seaweed is supposedly the hit-thing in the marijuana growing community and the best part is, it's all-natural, which means you can pretty much get your hands on it for free.

Ensuring your plants receive the best nourishment possible is incredibly important in the realm of growing cannabis. Maintaining plant health and even going so far as to optimize it is sure to bring fantastic results, namely large yields and potent bud. There's a whole range of different things you can add to your crop to make it healthier, though seaweed really is a great way to go due to the fact that it is completely full of nutrients.


If you live near the seaside, seaweed is even more of an ideal option because you will be able to collect it yourself. Don't fret if you don't though, it's pretty cheap to buy commercially too. However, if you are going to harvest your own seaweed it is vital to ensure you don't do so from a polluted environment.

It may surprise you to know that there are actually various types of seaweed, each having their own distinct benefits. Most kinds contain sulfur, magnesium, boron, and calcium, all essential micronutrients for cannabis plants. Furthermore, seaweed helps to control plant development and some experts suggest it can even increase the speed of plant growth.

Seaweed is also known to aid soil hydration and so can actually reduce a grower's workload. This is because plants will need to be watered less if treated with seaweed. Talking of reducing workload, seaweed also has the potential to eliminate the need to weed your garden because it acts as a barrier against the growth of invasive plants. And it isn't simply weed's that seaweed can protect your cannabis plants against; it can also help combat fungi, bacteria, and other viruses, as well as condition the soil and promote the growth of good bacteria.

Liquid Fertiliser

Utilizing seaweed in cannabis grow can take many forms, such as mulching, composting and using it as a liquid fertilizer. With mulching, all you need to do is place some seaweed over the top of your soil and play the waiting game. You can also add seaweed to your compost bin so as to soak up its beneficial nutrients. Using seaweed as a liquid fertilizer has proven to be very effective too; all you need to do is wait until your seaweed is composted and spray it onto your plants, this will help combat disease and aid in plant development in the flowering stage.

Happy growing!

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