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White Quinn CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  • Indica/Sativa:
  • Yield: High Yield
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • THC level: 5 - 15%
  • Effect: Alert
  • Taste: Earthy,Skunky

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White Quinn CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you are a novice smoker looking for an easygoing strain, then White Quinn is a perfect choice. This hybrid strain is a cross between White Queen and Harlequin, and it inherits all of the best qualities from its parents. It's uber-relaxing, boasting high CBD levels that act quickly to provide relaxation and body buzz within minutes.

Introducing White Quinn CBD Feminized Seeds: A Relaxing Beauty with High CBD and THC Levels

White Quinn CBD feminized seeds are the result of an impressive lineage that has produced a truly remarkable strain with exceptionally high levels of both CBD and THC. With a genetic makeup of 20% Indica and 80% Sativa, White Quinn CBD offers a well-balanced experience. It boasts a mellow THC content ranging from 10% to 15%, while its Cannabidiol (CBD) levels are notably high, starting at 5%. This strain is the ideal choice for nighttime relaxation and unwinding.

Experience the Effects of White Quinn CBD Feminized Cannabis

A few puffs of White Quinn CBD and you will quickly feel a sense of relaxation washing over you. This strain delivers a unique combination of both relaxing and buzzing effects that take hold within minutes. While you may feel sedated, you'll still maintain alertness and mental clarity. This makes White Quinn CBD perfect for nighttime use, allowing you to unwind without feeling completely incapacitated.

Aromatic Profile and Taste

White Quinn marijuana carries a potent woody and earthy aroma that can be quite distinct. This aroma may make it challenging to conceal the fact that you're smoking, so discreet smokers should take this into consideration. The robust fragrance of White Quinn adds to the overall sensory experience and contributes to its unique character.

Strain Characteristics of White Quinn CBD Feminized Seeds

White Quinn CBD is an excellent choice for beginners, as it is relatively easy to grow. While it thrives indoors, it can also be cultivated outdoors with success. Growers particularly appreciate this strain for its high yield potential and relatively short flowering time, making it an efficient and rewarding choice.

Flowering Time

On average, White Quinn CBD has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks. During this period, the plant matures and develops its buds to their full potential, ready for harvest.


White Quinn CBD is a versatile strain that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, allowing growers to choose the most suitable environment for their needs. In terms of height, this strain remains quite manageable, reaching approximately 45 inches indoors and 60 inches outdoors. Its compact size makes it easier to handle and maintain throughout the cultivation process.


When it comes to yield, White Quinn CBD does not disappoint. Indoor cultivation can result in an impressive yield of approximately 500 grams (17.6 ounces) per square meter. Meanwhile, outdoor growers can expect an even more abundant harvest, with yields of up to 650 grams (22.9 ounces) per square meter. These generous yields make White Quinn CBD a rewarding choice for those looking to maximize their production.

In Conclusion

White Quinn CBD feminized seeds offer a unique and satisfying experience with their high CBD and THC levels. Whether you seek relaxation, mental clarity, or a calming nighttime strain, White Quinn CBD delivers it all. With its manageable growth, impressive yields, and relatively short flowering time, this strain is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced growers alike. Embrace the beauty of White Quinn CBD and discover the joys of its harmonious effects.

Yield High Yield
THC Level 5 - 15%
Indica / Sativa 35% / 65%
Height Average
Effects Alert, Pain Relief, Relaxed
Climate Mediterranean, Temperate
Flavor Earthy, Skunky, Woody
Flowering Time 8 - 10 weeks
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