What type of cannabis strain is Big Bud?

There are many different types of cannabis. And each strain has a different name. There are many marijuana classics that everyone knows. But new names are also being added frequently.

What about Big Bud? Have you ever heard of that? You probably do, but let's explore what kind of cannabis strain Big Bud exactly is.

Big Bud is a type of marijuana that has been developed for commercial use. This strain generally gives a very large yield. And another big advantage of Big Bud is that this strain is very easy to grow.

Big Bud takes its time to bloom. But that is certainly worth the wait. Always ensure that you buy high-quality seeds if you want to grow Big Bud yourself. Because you naturally want to give your plant a good start. If the seed is of good quality, then the final result will also be of better quality.

Big Bud is spicy and sweet at the same time

Big Bud has a nice smell and taste. The smoke from Big Bud is smooth and the taste resembles grapefruit. You can also recognize herbs and garlic in it. And it provides a musky aftertaste.

The origin of Big Bud

Big Bud is a cannabis strain that was created by crossing Afghan and Skunk. This cross gives Big Bud its special character. It is a large, strong plant that can withstand a lot.

Big Bud is loved by medical users

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Then Big Bud could just be your solution. Some users find it the best 'go to sleep' that exists. Big Bud ensures that you can relax well. It helps relieve muscle tensions.

This strain contains quite a lot of THC, around 15%. That is also the reason that Big Bud is widely used to treat stress and insomnia. From Big Bud you sleep like a baby and this cannabis strain provides a wonderfully happy high effect.

Everyone can grow Big Buds!

Everyone is capable of growing Big Bud. Even growers who have never planted a single seed. If you stick to a few basic things, not much can go wrong. Always make sure you have a good Grow Guide on hand. And the great thing about Big Bud is (as the name suggests) that the yields are big. And that is ultimately what we are all doing it for.

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Have fun growing!

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