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The famous Pineapple Express on sale is an exclusive mix between our powerful White Widow and the tasty Limoncello Haze and Strawberry Ice. The fusion of these marijuana goddesses resulted in this majestic plant, easy to grow almost anywhere and it will give you high yields, even when autoflower. Big sticky buds, that's what we all want. What are you waiting for?

About Pineapple Express Autoflower seeds

It's genetics: 75% Sativa, 25% Indica strain, that will take you to a happy place. THC levels are very high so if you are a newbie, take it easy with this one.

What are the effects of Pineapple Express Autoflower cannabis?

Pineapple Express weed seeds will grow into plants that give you a delicious relaxing high. Let yourself be carried away by its charms, relax your body and enjoy its creative powers. This wonder of nature will give you unique effects for recreational use. This herb has a calming but also stimulating effect at the same time. It can lift your spirits and increase productivity.

What does Pineapple Express autoflower seeds taste like?

Pineapple Express is a wildly popular strain of cannabis known for its sweet and tropical flavor.

Characteristics and Growing Information

These plants that you can easily control quite easily. They adapt well both indoors and outdoors, and as they are automatic, you will not have to be aware of the hours of light it receives at each moment of their development; they will mature by themselves as the weeks go by. What more can you ask? Select your favorite music and light a joint or a Pineapple Express pipe, all grown by yourself, and let yourself go ...


Check out this awesome DWC grow of our beloved Pineapple Express Autoflower:

THC Level Up to 20%
Indica / Sativa 25% / 75%
Yield indoor Up to 350 gram / 12.3 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 80 cm / 31.5 inch
Grow difficulty Easy, Moderate
Seed Type Sativa
Effects Relaxed, Happy, Uplifting
Flavor Fruity, Tropical, Berries, Sour
Plant size Compact
Flowering time Fast (6-10 weeks)
Climate Temperate, cold, Continental
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