I know you couldn't get enough reading about what rookie mistakes to avoid from my last post so I'm going to share with you some more of them. Just because you are new to growing doesn't mean you shouldn't get a great harvest. Stick to these helpful tips to ensure you get big, beautiful, healthy plants.

Over watering

When you are new to growing you can become a bit eager to take care of your plants, which is good, but too much of a good thing is not good either. I'm specifically talking about over watering. This can easily happen if you are using containers that are too big for your plants.

New growers often water a container until all the soil feels damp. This can be too much for small roots to absorb. Water will stay in the pot and deprive the plant of oxygen. Not only is too much water at once bad, but water too often is also bad.

A common sign of a plant that's over watered is if it's droopy. Luckily this problem is one of the easiest ones to fix. Stop watering so much and so often! There are a few guidelines you can stick to so that you avoid this rookie mistake.

If you are growing in soil use your fingertip to check for when you should water. Press your finger into the top inch of the soil. If it's not dry then wait to water it, however if it does feel dry to you go ahead and quench its thirst.This is a great way every time to check if your plants need water or not.

Funny enough the same thing can actually happen to plants grown hydroponically. Technically it is the lack of oxygen that causes over watered plants to droop. So, hydroponically grown plants with a lack of oxygen in the water reservoir can also show the same signs of over watered plants. Be sure to have enough airstones to provide your hydroponically grown plants with enough oxygen.


Another rookie mistake to avoid is letting your cannabis plants grown in pots or containers get rootbound. This happens when the roots have grown completely around the edges and bottom of the pot because it the container is too small. Marijuana roots grow really fast, much faster than the rest of the plant above the soil. This makes it easy to forget to replant your cannabis to a larger container because you cannot see the roots growing so much. Plants that become rootbound die pretty fast so it's vital that you carefully transplant your cannabis to a larger container once it's shown some accelerated growth.

Avoid over pruning

This next rookie mistake reminds me of the time when I thought it would be a good idea to cut my own bangs. You know how it goes, first you begin on one side and then by the time you make it to the other side of your bangs you notice it's not even. So, you go back and forth trying to even them out until you're stuck looking like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. The moral of the story is to avoid over pruning. It's true that pruning increases growth and yield, but not if you over do it. Be conservative when first pruning to see how your plant responds to it. Less is more. You can weaken the plant if you over prune and you will certainly have less yields. As you become a more experienced grower you will get a better feeling of how much to cut off.


Last, but not least, avoid harvesting too soon. Sure, it's tempting to cut those beautiful buds off your cannabis plant and start drying them. I know you've been waiting for this moment for a long time, but don't get ahead of yourself. Don't disrupt your buds reaching their full potential by harvesting too soon. Wait until most of pistils have turned brown. This ensures that your medicine is more effective and the weight of the buds will be greater as well.

Avoiding these rookie mistakes

Growing takes practice. If a grower provides their plant with the best environment and provides it with everything it needs then it will flourish and give you big beautiful buds. Avoiding these rookie mistakes will bring you one step closer to these rewarding buds.