How to control cannabis odors from your grow room

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Recently two men were caught growing weed in Kent, United Kingdom, because the smell of marijuana coming from the rooms they had rented was so strong. If you have ever been in the proximity of a grow room without a filtration system then you know how obvious and potent the smell of bud can be. Even though growers may love to inhale the scent of their budding garden, filtration systems are necessary for the indoor grower to keep their plants safe from being detected by house guests or nosey neighbors.

One of the simplest things you can do is to avoid growing a strain with a particularly skunkiness smell to it like Skunk or Cheese (although you’d be missing out on some pretty dope bud). A strain that is low odor producing is the South African sativa strain Durban Poison. Another good choice would be Northern Lights. This strain has a light, sweet smell that is not overpowering.

Often not enough to keep the air free of weed smell

Although choosing a strain with a low odor is a good step to protecting your setup, it is often not enough to keep the air free of weed smell. Another obstacle may be that you already in the midst of growing your skunky crop and need to get rid of the odor quickly. There are different methods to control the cannabis smell depending on the size of your crop.

The states with the harshest marijuana laws

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Last year was a big win for cannabis in many states. However, there are still plenty of stoners suffering in other states with strict marijuana laws.  Even as the the citizens of America are becoming more in favor of accepting cannabis as medicine and not the evil gateway drug, there are still enough people in some states in the country to keep it a serious, punishable crime. 

Hot weather will be here before we know it, and soon it will be time for summer vacations and road trips. Before you pack your stash and your camping gear, know which states to avoid driving through so that you don’t end up in jail if you get pulled over with a load of illegal substances. Here’s a list of some of the most cannabis unfriendly states. ...

Use reflective materials in your grow room to boost bud production

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Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when growing your cannabis plants indoors. You can get higher yields from your marijuana plant by manipulating their natural light cycles. Lighting also helps your plants to complete photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process a plant uses to create their own food. They absorb light energy through the chlorophyll in their leaves.  The light energy is used to react water with carbon dioxide to create food sugar. Photosynthesis is directly associated with the intensity of the light the plant receives among a few other factors.  Thus, when you manipulate the light your plant receives then you affect how much food your plant makes to feed itself. 

Now that you know how important lighting can be, you’re going to want to give your plants all the light power they can use. There is something else you can do besides adding bright lights to your grow room to get big, healthy plants. Adding reflection to the walls of your grow area can give you up to 30% more light than you already have without any extra electricity! 

Good reflection on the walls near your plant will bounce the light from your grow lights back to your cannabis plants instead of letting it go to waste and get absorbed by the walls. Reflective walls also prevent some of your marijuana plants from having dark spots where no light is available. The farther light has to travel to your plant, the more light is lost. So, when you have reflective walls then some of the light that would get lost traveling from the light bulb to the plant gets reflected for your plants to use. 

A beginner’s guide to growing a single cannabis plant

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If your new year’s resolution was to grow your own weed this year then starting warming up your green thumbs!  Growing cannabis doesn’t have to be a daunting and scary task to start. You don’t have to begin with a mega big grow room, nor do you need to spend big bucks just to get started.  Many beginners simply want to try out their green thumb with one plant to see if they’re any good at it. 

There are many pros to growing your own weed instead of just buying it.  You will know exactly what you are smoking and how the plant was treated.  You will know if it has any chemical residue on it and the quality of the plant. Any grower will tell you, smoking the bud you grew yourself has a particular satisfaction to it that you cannot get with purchased bud.

Growing just one plant is a great way to start. This way you can put all your attention and efforts into one plant so the chance of it succeeding is higher. Security is also better if you grow only one plant. A nosy neighbor or friend is unlikely to notice one plant instead of a whole room full. ...

The Best Cannabis events to attend in 2017

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It is a new year so that means that there’s a whole year full of cannabis events to look forward to. Now is the time to mark your calendar so that you don’t miss the best cannabis gatherings, expos, and events. As the marijuana industry is booming more and more cannabis events are created. I guarantee there is one out there perfect for you. There are events for beginners that are just learning to grow and events for the most seasoned growers that enjoy sharing tricks of the trade. Whether you’re into edibles, vaping, or dabbing, there will be an event somewhere just for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best cannabis events happening this year around the world.

Start packing your suitcases because from February 17th-19th Canapa Mundi will take place in Rome, Italy. This cannabis fair will showcase the biodiversity of cannabis and how it can be an ingredient in diverse sectors. This means that you will get to experience how cannabis can be eaten, worn, used in construction, as a biofuel, just to name a few. Italian and foreign companies come together to provide workshops, consultations, information, and games. 

Spannabis is Spain’s biggest cannabis event

While you’re in Europe you might as well head to Spannabis in Barcelona from March 10-12. Spannabis is Spain’s biggest cannabis event. They’ve got international speakers to inform you on the latest cannabis information. Countries from all over the world come to showcase what they’ve got. This includes diverse products made from hemp. Exhibitors participating in this event are cultivators, chemical engineering and biotechnology firms, fiber processors, industrial packaging companies, biofuel researchers, nursery and greenhouse managers, paper manufacturers, clothing fiber manufacturers, and many more. Don’t be bummed out if you can’t make it during March to Spannabis as there will be another one in Madrid later this year on the 13th-15th October. ...