Autoflower strains are very popular among cannabis growers. Maybe you already have experience with growing autoflower weed strains. Autoflowering cannabis plants are very easy to grow, they have short flowering times, do not grow very high and they provide great herb.

How to get autoflowering cannabis strains with big harvest


While autoflowering strains have improved a lot in recent years, they also get a lot of criticism. The most frequently heard criticism from growers is that there is less yield. So, with this in mind, how can you reap the benefits of growing autoflowering strains and still have a good and big harvest? Check this article with tips that can help you get a higher harvest from autoflower weed plants. Below you wil find an number of tips for larger autoflowering harvests.

Choose a grow medium (soil) that is airy

Airy growth mediums like rock wool, perlite, vermiculite or cocomat ensure that a plant and its roots can develop well. An autoflowering plant can grow from seed to harvest in just 60 days. It is therefore important to stimulate as much vegetation growth as possible in that short period of time. This makes it possible for the plant to develop a maximum number of buds.

Choose the right kind of autoflowering seeds

autoflowering plant

To get the best possible results when growing autoflowers, it is important that you choose seeds of good quality. You may have a crack for plants and keeping them happy, if the seeds are not good, you will have a backlog from the start. So choose autoflower seed that is known to have good quality in terms of germination and harvest.

Talk to your autoflowering plants and sing them a song!

Like every other plant, marijuana flourishes when it gets plenty of love and care. Just give them everything they need and pay close attention. In return, they'll provide you with a great harvest of bud.

Better not repot your autoflower plants

One of our most successful tips for maximizing the yield of your autoflowering plants is to avoid stress. Ensure that as few changes as possible occur. Autoflower plants do not like changes.

The first way to do this is to prevent your auto's from being repotted. Instead, grow them in their final container from start. So, if you plant the seedling, use a big pot or container in which the plant can grow for the rest of its life cycle.

Keep in mind that autoflower strains have a very short life cycle. Repotting always places a plant under some stress and affects their growth a little. With regular strains this usually is no big deal, but autos are so to speak a bit sensitive.

Avoid stress by any kind of plant training technique

Training techniques like FIM, SCROG, or simply topping, cause stress for a plant. Regarding regular marijuana plants, training can pay off, but with autoflower plants it is not a good idea. Reason is that auto's have a short life span. Hence, the period it takes for an autoflower to recover from the stress or any training technique is just not worth it. Chances are these methods turn out to be counterproductive and lead to lesser yields.

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