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The AK 47 autoflower seed is a go-to choice for growers and enthusiasts seeking a dependable and rewarding plant. With THC levels ranging from 20-30%, this hybrid strain offers a potent experience, coupled with a bountiful harvest. It's reliability and impressive qualities make it a top pick for cannabis connoisseurs. Embrace the AK 47 autoflower and witness the magic it brings to your garden.

About AK 47 autoflower seeds

The exceptional White Widow XTRM was crossed with the classic AK 47 to create a potent new strain that is award-winning and able to pack a punch! With the entire process developed, you can expect your green goddess to bloom and blossom in 7-8 weeks.

What are the effects of AK 47 autoflower cannabis?

AK47 XTRM is perfect for anyone who wants to experience a divine high, providing both body and mind effects. If you're looking for a powerful strain with a high CBD level, then AK47 XTRM is what you need. This strain perfectly combines THC and CBD, providing users with the best of both worlds in getting high and relaxing.

What does AK 47 XTRM auto taste like?

You'll be blown away by the woody, musky, and sweet notes in the aroma, which is brought out even more by the earthy, pine, and citrus flavor profile.

Strain characteristics

AK 47 XTRM autoflower is perfect for beginner gardeners. You don't need extra equipment or a controlled environment to grow these seeds. Thanks to the autoflower feature, they are straightforward to care for. They're easy to grow and have a fast turnaround. And the best part is that they flower automatically. They offer huge potential yields of cannabinoid-rich buds.

Flowering time

Supernova weed typically flowers within 7 to 8 weeks. The best months to harvest are September, October, and November. The flowering period is rather short, so you'll be able to enjoy your harvest sooner!


Outdoors, the plant can grow as tall as 100 cm (3 ft). Whereas it only reaches 75 cm (2.5ft) when grown indoors.


Each plant produces 450 to 550 Grams (16 to 19.5 Ounces) per 1 m2 (11 ft2), depending on whether you grow them indoors or outdoors.

Discover the ultimate strain: AK 47 XTRM autoflower seeds. This award-winning hybrid combines the exceptional White Widow XTRM with the classic AK 47, resulting in a potent and high-yielding plant. With a blooming time of 7-8 weeks, you'll be rewarded with beautiful buds rich in THC and CBD. Experience a divine high that engages both the body and mind, accompanied by woody, musky, and sweet aromas. The autoflower feature makes AK 47 XTRM autoflower seeds perfect for beginner growers, as they require minimal care and offer generous yields. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, this strain reaches impressive heights and delivers bountiful harvests. Don't miss out on the opportunity to cultivate this extraordinary strain and enjoy its exquisite taste and effects. Grow AK 47 XTRM autoflower seeds and embark on a journey of cannabis excellence.

THC Level Up to 20%
Indica / Sativa 25% / 75%
Yield indoor Up to 450 grams / 15.9 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 70 cm / 27.6 inch
Grow difficulty Easy
Seed Type Sativa
Effects Relaxed, Alert, Uplifting, Euphoric
Flavor Citrus, Pine, Earthy, Woody
Plant size Compact
Flowering time Fast (6-10 weeks)
Climate Temperate, Warm Dry
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