Jobs in the cannabis industry

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The cannabis  industry has gained momentum over these last couple years and it doesn’t seem like it will be slowing down. The public’s view, acceptance, and knowledge of cannabis has greatly improved since many states have begun to legalize cannabis. All of this has opened up a window of opportunity for people that seek a career change. 

For some people they are tired of a cubicle job and are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary. Others may have already been in the cannabis black market and want to make a legit job out of it. Whatever the reason is, thousands are trying to get in. 

There is good news for cannabis job seekers. According to a report published this year from New Frontier data projects they estimate that by 2020 the legal cannabis market will create more than 250,000 jobs. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics this is more than the expected jobs from utilities, transportation, manufacturing, or government jobs. ...

Cannabis is decriminalized in Israel

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message icon 2017-03-27
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This week the spotlight is on Israel as it has made a move to decriminalize recreational cannabis use. Israel is no stranger to the herb and has served as a central hub for advancing medicinal cannabis.  

The Israeli cabinet approved a plan that would impose a $270 fine to first time offenders caught smoking cannabis in public rather than incarceration. The first offense will not go on a person’s criminal record. The fine gets doubled if there is a second offence, and a third offense would mean probation and a record of the offense would only be expunged after some time. Only after a person re-offends 4 times would criminal prosecution be taken. If a minor is caught consuming cannabis then they would be criminally investigated if they refuse to partake in a treatment program. Growing and selling marijuana will still be illegal. The money from the fines will be used to finance anti drug treatment and education.

Gilad Erdan, Public Security Minister, that led the reform has said, “the government’s approval is an important step on the way to implement the new policy, which will emphasize public information and treatment instead of criminal enforcement.”...

The states with the harshest marijuana laws

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Last year was a big win for cannabis in many states. However, there are still plenty of stoners suffering in other states with strict marijuana laws.  Even as the the citizens of America are becoming more in favor of accepting cannabis as medicine and not the evil gateway drug, there are still enough people in some states in the country to keep it a serious, punishable crime. 

Hot weather will be here before we know it, and soon it will be time for summer vacations and road trips. Before you pack your stash and your camping gear, know which states to avoid driving through so that you don’t end up in jail if you get pulled over with a load of illegal substances. Here’s a list of some of the most cannabis unfriendly states. ...

South Africa will legalize medicinal marijuana in 2017

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South Africa is a beautiful place to visit, and from next year it’s going to become even more beautiful as the country may finally have regulated medicinal cannabis. South Africa will be the first African nation to permit the use of medicinal “dagga” (as the locals like to call cannabis). The country’s Parliament recently announced that their Department of Health will oversee access to medicinal marijuana for certain health conditions.

The use of high quality cannabis for prescribed medication will be legalized as early as February 2017. This is thanks to the efforts by the Medicines Control Council, to revise the Medicines and Related Substances Act. 

Parliament member Mr. Narend Singh said, “This heralds a great step forward for public access and research into the use of medicinal cannabis. I feel a great sense of relief. I must thank the Department for taking up this issue with such a passionate concern for our people. What matters now is that the Department ensures that access to medicinal cannabis will not be restricted to the rich, but that anyone who needs it will be able to afford it, and get it.”

The states with new medical and recreational cannabis laws

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A blog post from September got people from 9 states excited with the news that their state will be voting on legalizing cannabis, either recreational or medicinal, during November polls.  Well the verdict is in & we have lots to celebrate! This means that more than half of the total states have legalized marijuana. Of the 5 states that proposed recreational marijuana, 4 of them passed the initiatives. All 4 states that proposed passing medical marijuana laws pushed the initiatives into law. 

Generally speaking, the proposals for recreational pot would treat marijuana comparable to alcohol laws. You would have to be at least 21 years or older to consume it and it would not be allowed in public places. Cannabis will be highly regulated and taxed, and it will be legal in some states to grow your own. 

Their opinion was that legalization would endanger children

The state-by-state polls showed that most people were in favor of passing the cannabis laws. However, opponents including law enforcement groups and anti-drug crusaders tried to convince the public to reject the changes. Their opinion was that legalization would endanger children and that it would become a big industry endangering the health of Americans. The majority of residents of those states didn’t agree with those concerns as they voted pro-cannabis.