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Cannabis seeds USA: at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds you order the most finest weed seeds in the USA which will be delivered at your doorstep guaranteed. No matter in which state you order your cannabis seeds USA; whether you live near the east coast or west coast or if you're a typical southern guy or a girl from Alaska: we have got the best weed seeds USA. Order the best marijuana seeds USA at your beloved Dutch seed bank and receive high-quality weed seeds.

Weed seeds USA from AMS
Welcome to We offer a huge assortment of high-quality marijuana and cannabis seeds, selected and developed by the best Dutch growers. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) is one of the best seed banks from the marijuana capitol of the world. High-quality weed seeds USA and excellent service are our major priorities. We only want happy and satisfied customers.

Experienced breeders
Ever since Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds started, over 20 years ago, we wanted to share our passion, knowledge and enthusiasm with our customers. Not only the Dutch turned out to be passionate breeders, but there are a lot of enthusiast breeders and smokers in the United States. Over the years, we've gained lots of experience on the American market. And that gives us lots of advantages.

A 100% delivery rate
For example, we offer a 100% delivery guarantee. We send all our packaged with registered mail, to make sure you receive your cannabis seeds USA within maximum 20 business days. Orders will be shipped to the USA on business days, as soon the payment has been received. We'll provide you with track and trace information, so you can always check the status of your order.

More information about shipping and delivery? Check our terms. You find here information about our safe and several payment methods as well.

Discreet and stealth packaging
Did you know just keeping weed seeds USA is legal in many states? On the other hand, growing your own strains isn't legal. Therefore, we do not state any marijuana-related content on our packages. As we expect the same of you in you bank payments. That way, no one needs to find out what kind of hobby you have.

Share your smoke and laugh
We know what you want and as a grower, you can stay perfectly anonymous. Unless you are willing to share the result of your high-quality marijuana seeds USA, of course. Sharing your yield with friends is fun, though. After growing your own comedy factory, you can seriously enjoy it. Light up your own product! Because marijuana is great for a good laugh and to relax and enjoy it with friends.

Grow your precious medicine
AMS has some weed seeds USA that are perfect for medical use too. Cannabis has been a medicine for many diseases, for thoUSAnds of years. Smoking excellent weed helps to relieve and control pain and it keeps you calm when you suffer from -for example- depression or insomnia. Check out our medical assortment of marijuana seeds USA and harvest from now on your own medicine.

Seeds for all purposes
We have over 100 different seeds available for you. Regular seeds, feminized seeds USA, seeds for indoor and outdoor and we have some special weed seeds to offer like 420 Carat Feminized, White Widow XTRM and Gorgonzola weed. Besides that, we always have some marijuana seeds for sale USA. As you see, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has excellent Dutch cannabis seeds for all purposes.

Buy weed seeds online USA
Order your cannabis seeds USA online at AMS. Why? Because the quality of your weed seeds are most important in order to grow strong plants and harvest big buds. Choosing an excellent Dutch seed bank for your cannabis seeds for sale in the USA is crucial. Besides that, you need good growing conditions. If you have questions about our weed seeds USA or if you need advice: do not hesitate to ask us. We are always happy to help you by telling about our cannabis seeds USA!

Reviews: great products and service
AMS has a collection of extensive quality in marijuana seeds USA. We claim to be the best Dutch seed bank by offering the best quality, and we stand for excellent service, expertise and discreteness. If you want, you can check out the experiences of other customers on the independent review website Kiyoh. And make sure you write down your experience with us on that website too.

Feminized cannabis seeds USA
Weed seeds USA need to grow 3 till 4 months, if you choose feminized cannabis seeds USA, you have more to harvest. For all kind applies: the longer you grow it, the bigger the effect. So, if you like a strong body high or a mellow kind of stoned that carries on for hours: make sure you keep that bun in the oven for a while.

How to grow?
It also makes a difference if you grow weed seeds USA indoor or outdoor, or a mixture of it. Growing outdoor is easier, cheaper and you get bigger plants with bigger yields. But sunlight is required. The benefits of indoor breeding is the shorter grow time, it's discreet, you can control the environment and breed throughout the year. Find more details in our Grow Map.

Say cheese!
Say cheese and smile! No, we do not mean laughing after smoking your favorite marijuana, but you have to try our special cheese weed as well. When you order weed seeds USA from Amsterdam, you can not turn down the opportunity to taste te best cheese weed in the world. We know for sure even your grandmother and your nosy neighbor love this cheese weed.

Other available products
Now you know AMS offers more than cannabis seeds USA. In order to stimulate your grow process, we also sell Flower Power Fertilizers: vital for getting the best out of your plants. And what do you think of using a vaporizer? Vaping is a safer and healthier way to get stoned. See what else is in our assortment before you buy weed seeds online USA. We also sell feminized marijuana seeds USA in our webshop.

Contact us
If you have any questions about our cannabis seeds USA, please contact us. Our customer support team is there for you to give you advice about our feminized cannabis seeds USA and help you out with ordering weed seeds in the USA. We also like to hear your suggestions about weed seeds or other products to make our service even better. Send us an email or fill out our contact form with your question about marijuana seeds USA. You will hear from us within 24 hours.

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At AMS we have more than 120 different kinds of weed seeds. Our Rainbow Kush is very popular, just like our range of cheap seeds.

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