Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized combines the premium weed quality of the original Girl Scout Cookies strain and an F3 selected White Widow XTRM. This Dutch hybrid greatly improves the reputation of the Girl Scout Cookies strain, optimizing it for yield, flavor, and effect. The original strain was so good that it was exported out of its home border in California. It traveled across many boundaries, and now we have an improved strain you need to try. Finally, it got to Amsterdam, and the master breeders made it one of the best strains of marijuana you can ever experience. If you haven't tried out this legend, you certainly have been missing out on a lot!

Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm ® Feminized Seeds

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THC level 20 - 30%
Indica 80%
Sativa 20%
Climate Indoor / Outdoor
Yield indoor Up to 550 grams / 19.4 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor Up to 700 grams / 24.7 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 120 cm / 47.2 inch
Height outdoor Up to 170 cm / 66.9 inch
Flowering time indoor 7 - 9 weeks
Harvest month outdoor September/October
Grow difficulty Moderate

The goal for creating this strain was to achieve a strain with a balanced ratio of features from the White Widow Xtrm and the original Girl Scout Cookies. The most desired qualities projected for this new strain were the taste of the original Girls Scout cookies and the unique sweet smell of the White Widow Xtrm. Instead, it turned out to be more euphoric with improved qualities that serve our users a premium stoners’ experience. Since its introduction, it has gained massive followership in the cannabis industry. Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized has green, prominent calyxes wrapped in a robe of purple leaves and fiery orange hairs. This beautiful combination steals your focus at first glance and adds an impeccable aesthetic effect to your garden.

You get more than just a beautiful appearance. It has a very high THC level of about 20% - 30%, setting on the journey straight to the stoners’ island after just a few puffs. What about its Indica: Sativa ratio? Only a few marijuana strain matches its record. Our Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized strain is an Indica-dominated strain, exhibiting an Indica percentage of 80% and a Sativa percentage of 20%. Ever heard of the sweet Indica-dominant hybrid? Here you have it – the Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized.

Origin of the Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized

California is considered the home of this amazing strain. Early records of its wide cultivation can be traced to California before it became popular in other parts of the world. Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized is formed from a cross between the original Girl Scout Cookies and an F3 selected White Widow XTRM. There are many phenotypes of the Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized, but they all exhibit the characteristics of the beloved main stain.  

Now the Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized is known in every country with pro-cannabis legislation. It is widely cultivated for both medical and recreational purposes. Our brand of this strain gives you the best cannabis experience you can get from the parent strains. Many thanks to California for giving us this extraordinary weed.

The flavor of the Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized

It is hard to miss the sweet and earthy smell of the Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized strain. This feature alone makes this strain a perfect weed option for your next home party. On your taste buds, it has this extremely pleasant taste with chocolate, even mint aftertaste. It also has a magnificent smell that easily activates your sensory cells.

Our customers have described quite a lot of taste experience from this strain. Maybe you could also add yours. Many say the taste is enticing, with a candy-like sweetness along with a bit of mint. Others think it tastes like brown sugar, spices, and nutmeg with a citrus, earthy aftertaste. The experiences might be different, but the taste descriptions have always been amazing. This is why we think you should try it too.

Effect of the Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized

Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized strain has a very powerful effect on its users. Just a few puffs, and you are on your way to the fantasy island. Yes, it is that powerful. It sets you into a full-body relaxation mode and quickly combats your bouts of anxiety. The type of relaxation it gives is far from the couch-faced feeling of many cannabis strains; this one is a light, body-focused sense of total relaxation.

Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized is also considered the best marijuana strain for edibles. It comes in handy when you are organizing your next social events, and your marijuana-loving friends are in attendance. It infuses a sense of laughter, goofiness, and confidence that sets your party on fire! Users have also described a rush of euphoria, increased sociability, a sense of creativity, and a unique type of bliss after consuming this strain. However, you might also get a dry mouth, become dizzy, or have dry eyes after using this strain.  

The yield of the Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized

Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized plants generally have a medium height with branches that are appropriately strong and sturdy. Your plant gives buds with radiant purple colors. You can easily identify this strain with its dense, crystal-covered buds. It has a high THC yield and has improved harvest quotas for indoor and outdoor growth conditions compared with the original Girl Scout Cookies strain. If you decide to cultivate it outdoors, Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized strain can have a yield of up to 700 grams or 24.7 ounces per square meter. Indoor yield can be up to 550 grams or 19.4 square meters. You might need a few growth hacks to optimize your plant yield. Check through our Cannabis Growth Guide for other tips.

Growing Conditions of the Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized

Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm Feminized strain has a moderate growth difficulty. Even as a beginner, you have a high chance of success with this strain. This strain has a resistant nature that gives it an edge over infestation, molds, and pests. It is compatible with both indoor and outdoor cultivation methods. You can select the Growing technique that best fits your plans. After germination under indoor conditions, flowering occurs within 7 – 9 weeks, and by week 9, the buds should be ready for harvest. All you have you have to do is provide a warm environment for your plat. Think of the Mediterranean climate. If there is no physical damage to the plant, you have a good yield during harvest.


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good stuff Review by terry (Posted on 3/13/2021)
my friend grew it ,600 grams indoors
I'm a customer for life. Review by Mary Bigeagle (Posted on 2/15/2021)
I am very happy with my customer service experience. I just harvested my girl scout cookies and night nurse. Very pleased with the results. I'm a customer for life.
GOOD PEOPLE Review by SAM P (Posted on 6/3/2019)
They even sent me free replacements after having only 2 of 5 seeds germinate.
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