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Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

By definition, a hybrid is a cross between two different strains of cannabis. This can be done to create a new strain with desired characteristics or to simply produce a more potent plant.

Hybrid marijuana Seeds have given us cannabis aficionados so much more than what we ever dared to grow for.

They have started an evolution and continue to evolve!

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Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Today, there are countless hybrid strains available, each with its own set of unique qualities.

With so many options to choose from, it's no wonder that hybrid seeds are so popular among growers and smokers alike.

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We gladly introduce to you our most popular hybrid marijuana strains. Made with love and a lot of patience by our fabulous team of Master Breeders.

We're sure to find something that's perfect for you.

What are hybrid cannabis seeds and what benefits do they offer growers?

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Hybrid strains are made through a process called selective breeding. It has its origin in the 60s when cannabis was becoming increasingly popular.

With the rising popularity so did the interest of scientists and they started to experiment by selecting qualities "previously" unique to Indica or Sativa genetics and cross-bred them to become something new, the so-called hybrid strains.

Selected breeding was soon adopted by breeders all over the world, they followed and pushed the boundaries above and beyond and continue to do so.

These breeders have contributed so much to our community and have created many classics still popular today!

A personal favorite hybrid strain of ours is the Girl Scout Cookies!

girl scout

The process of selected breeding has not changed that much, but the mastery of skills, and the finesse with which some strains have been combined and evolved to something better is close to art!

For A breeder who has made his selection to create a new strain, his perfect blend whilst also making stable genetics takes decades of practice.

Even then with all that experience creating a masterpiece can still take years of R&D before it's perfected.

That's why we call them Master breeders, as they are a master of their craft, they have the patience and fortitude to create a new well-balanced hybrid, and we thank them for that!

Hybrid seeds have several benefits;

  • The effects of hybrid seeds offer the best of both
  • Their characteristics empower each other
  • They are bred for their resistance to pests, diseases, and other problems that can affect cannabis plants
  • They typically mature more quickly than unmixed strains
  • They can often be grown in a wider range of conditions
  • They produce higher yields than either pure Sativa and Indica

The effects of hybrid seeds offer the best of both,

Let's say you would like to have a physical high but be able to maintain clarity, this does not come naturally.

So breeders started to cross Indica and Sativa genetics, creating new hybrid cannabis strains.

For the whiskey lovers among us, you can also call it a blend of two cannabis strains.

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Well-known pure Sativa strains for example are;

Sativa is known for the mental high and having a calming effect when stressed out while being able to maintain clarity and focus.

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Well-known pure Indica strains for example are;

The Indica genetics will give you a more physical high, increase dopamine levels and give you an overall feeling of relaxation.

Their characteristics of the Sativa and Indica empower each other,

This can be for potency, grow environment, shortening the flowering phase, or higher yields.

They are bred for their resistance to pests, diseases, and other problems that can affect cannabis plants,

Loads of hybrid plants have been around so long and become so common that people have forgotten that their origin is mixed.

They are strong and have evolved within the species. Survival of the ickiest!

They typically mature more quickly than pure strains,

A time-saving side effect and one of the classic Indica traits. Maturing more shortens to growth cycle considerably.

Especially compared to some unmixed Sativa, they can have a long flowering time with the extreme up to 16 weeks.

They can often be grown in a wider range of conditions,

Having absorbed traits from the Sativa and Indica plants, they have become more versatile than the parent strains individually are.

They produce higher yields than either pure Indica or Sativa strains,

Hybrid cannabis seeds do produce on average a higher yield making them popular for growing marijuana.

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There are 4 blends possible:

Indica X Indica

Indica X Sativa = Indica Dominant Strain

Sativa X Indica = Sativa Dominant Strain

Sativa X Sativa

types of hybrid

Some say 5 blends, but they include autoflowering. The big question is: is Autoflowering officially a hybrid, as this is a combination with a ruderalis strain.

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The jury is not yet unanimous about ruderalis being a species on its own, as it's somewhere in between Indica and Sativa.

But thanks to its specific qualities we now do have many autoflowering strains, so shout out to the Ruderalis, whatever you may be!

Are all hybrids created equal, or are some better than others for growing purposes?

Yes, some hybrid seeds are betterer suited for certain purposes.

Like we said earlier, some hybrid strains have been perfected for indoor or outdoor growing others are a balanced mix to decrease or increase THC levels, depending on the purpose of the grower.

For the philosophical answer, We'll quote the U.S. Declaration of Independence, so that we have the right explanation of "created equal".

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"

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So will we grant all hybrid marijuana strains Life, Liberty, and the Sharing of Happiness?.

Yes, we do, wholeheartedly!

We give the seed life, and the liberty to grow and our pursuit of Happiness can be found when we smoke this sacred plant!

For Whom Are Hybrid Cannabis Strains Most Interesting?

This might be you!?

  • Do you like to experiment with the taste, effects, and aroma of your cannabis?
  • Can't find the right strain for your purpose among either species?

Then growing hybrid marijuana seeds is perfect for you.

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They offer the best of both worlds. A hybrid strain may have the relaxing effects of an Indica with the uplifting effects of a Sativa.

This makes hybrids perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of both strains without having to choose one over the other.

Hybrid strains are also popular among those who want to experiment with different flavors and aromas, they can vary so much in terms of taste and smell, that they offer a unique opportunity to explore the world of cannabis.

Whether you're looking for a strain that will help you relax or one that will give you a burst of energy, hybrids are a breed worth trying.

How To Grow Hybrid Weed Seeds?

Depending on the dominant strain, Hybrid marijuana strains would require some specific conditions for starting the seeds all through flowering time.

Pay close attention to the details or specifics for the growth and follow them closely.

The first step is germination,

we have several methods which you can find here. Follow the process for the specific dominant strain.

We would like to point out a few environmental conditions you have to optimize if you desire a good yield.

  • Lighting considerations: It is important to note the kind of lighting and lighting changes that may be required by your plant during the different stages of the growing period. While most plants require lots of light at the early stages, some others only require more light as they mature.

Photoperiod strains, that is, strains whose growth process is heavily lighting dependent, can suffer stress and a lost yield if there is a distortion in their light cycle.

  • Water/Humidity considerations: Your cannabis seed likes moisture. Ensure that the soil is not caked dry but also not soggy wet. Wet your plant evenly and avoid the use of heating mats or covering the plant with plastic nylon.

Water PH levels should be between 6 and 7.

Do not pour when watering rather use a small cup and spray evenly, slowly until the pot is fully wetted.

  • Nutritional considerations: Using nutritional additives is discouraged at this stage of your cultivation journey. Rather than look to artificial sources of vitamins and minerals, ensure to get good soil with the right PH level and also good seeds. The plant should perform well with these two and under the right conditions.

Check out our Grow Guide for more detailed information on growing seeds.

6. What are the most popular hybrid strains of cannabis on the market today, and why do people love them so much?'


Our current most popular Hybrid Marijuana Seeds Are:

Borderliner XTRM Feminized Seeds

The Borderliner is loved because of the high THC level, reaching 23% and up. Has a little below average flowering time about a week less for people in a hurry that's a lot.

Chronic Feminized Seeds

The Chronic is frequently purchased for its medicinal benefits, which many of our customers experience.

Cheese Feminized Seeds

Cheese is a classic and not just a popular hybrid, it has a medium to high yield, and makes great tops and dense buds.

AMS Supreme Feminized Seeds

AMS Supreme another of our own hybrid seeds, giving a relaxing body stone has become a favorite amongst our loyal customers, praising the yield and potent THC.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

The Dutch-born (and we are proud of it) is an all-around classic the very Indica Dominant Girl Scout Cookies. This Cannabis Cup winner is a great stress reliever, and loved by many!

The future of hybrid cannabis seeds

The love for hybrid weed strains has continued to grow following the big changes in recent years. With the rising legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, more and more people are starting to grow cannabis.

The new generation of cannabis growers are already venturing out, experimenting, and working hard to create a new hybrid strain and while doing so have become part of our community.

The future of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and the community

You just got to love the internet, it allows us to connect with fellow cannabis lovers all over the world all from the comfort of your home. Sharing thoughts, ideas, and planting seeds literally and figuratively together creating the evolution of cannabis strains.

happy couple growing

This cross-pollination (pun intended) will bring even more innovation to the world of hybrid cannabis seeds and we can promise you that we will continue to contribute our expertise and knowledge to the community and do what we love, create high-quality hybrid seeds!

We are very serious about this, we willingly give so much love and care to our customers, breeders, and the community in general, our way of showing gratitude, our appreciation, and respect for the cannabis plant.

Check out our reviews, follow our growers on Grow Diaries, download our free grow guide, and follow us on Instagram and you will see how committed we are!

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Our goal, we can even call it our mission is to create with the community the next-level hybrid weed strains.

We dream about the endless possibilities when our beloved plant is finally accepted for the true wonder that she is and the miracles she can do and one day officially and legally will be allowed to do!

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With our love and support,

Team AMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hybrid seeds good?

Hybrid seeds are undoubtedly good since they are known for bringing rise to weed plants with balanced effects. Also, since there is a combination of different parental figures, the plants have more outstanding qualities such as ease of management, more enhanced terpene profiles, and the ability to be grown by individuals with different levels of experience.

Where to buy hybrid seeds?

You can buy the best hybrid seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and have them delivered to you, regardless of which legal pot-growing country you hail from. We have more than 50 different hybrid seed varieties, which means each of your favorite strains is likely to be found on our wide selection.