This New York Turbo Diesel X Blueberry strain has a Blueberry flavor with a Turbo Diesel aftertaste.

Forest Fruits Autoflowering Seeds

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THC Level 21 - 23%
Indica / Sativa 40% / 60%
Yield 550 - 800 gr / plant
Height Compact
Flowering Time 7 - 9 weeks
Climate Mediterranean, Temperate, Tropical
Effects Calming, Creative, Euphoric
Flavor Berries, Fruity, Fuel, Pungent

About Forest Fruits Autoflower Seeds

The strain Forest Fruits Autoflowering is a mix of tasty Blueberry 420 and the very potent New York Turbo Diesel. With these all-star genetics and the fact that these seeds come from one of the world's best seed banks, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS), you're guaranteed to get more bang for your buck.

What are the effects of Forest Fruits Autoflower Cannabis?

Forest Fruit Autoflowering seeds will give you the best of both worlds, because they're 40% Indica and 60% Sativa, providing a balanced and powerful high with THC levels hovering around 20% to 30%. Start your day off right with this fantastic strain, it'll give you the energy to get through your day flying high and feeling great! It's also a good smoke in the evening, since it'll fill you with happy energy without going too overboard, and that helps with all things in life. This strain packs a healthy dose of euphoria, making you feel as we all long to feel, balanced, and in perfect harmony!

What does it taste like?

Forest fruit autoflowering delivers a very pleasant smoke. Blueberry gives this strain a very tantalizing taste, and a strong fruity aroma. Meanwhile, New York Turbo Diesel brings a nice diesel aftertaste, making this strain quite special.

Characteristics and growing tips

As is true of most autoflowering varieties, the growing difficulty is quite low. In the case of Forest Fruits, you will be able to grow them with moderate ease. All things considered, moderate difficulty on autoflowering is still quite easy to grow! Keep in mind that autoflowering plants, as the name suggests, will enter their flowering stage automatically. So there is no need for you to trigger flowering by alternating lighting schedules. This makes them without a doubt much easier to grow.

Flowering Time

The average flowering time is 7 to 9 weeks. So you won't have to wait long to toke up and experience firsthand the wonderful qualities that make this strain so unique. 


Forest Fruits is a compact strain. So if you have a small grow space, this is the strain for you.


You can expect a heavy yield of up to 800 grams per square meter if you're growing outside, and 550 grams per square meter if you opt to grow indoors. That's a lot of weed, even for an experienced smoker!


Check out the video of Mr. Sour, doing an amazing job on a solo cup grow with our Forest Fruits Autoflowering.


Customer Reviews

It's so good Review by Joe Ready (Posted on 4/3/2022)
Love this strain .. been added to my top 4 most favorite smoke
Best quality Review by Franco (Posted on 2/27/2022)
These seeds all grew with ease. High yielding with every plant.
It's different Review by Justin (Posted on 10/16/2021)
AMS seems to be the only supplier that has this strain. Review by Marv Witz (Posted on 2/15/2021)
Forest Fruit Auto Flower is a favorite of everyone. The final product is strong and flavorful. The indoor yields are good and the plants require little attention. It is understandable why the seeds are out of stock so often. AMS seems to be the only supplier that has this strain. Forest Fruit is a keeper.
Thank you for every promise you… Review by Cath (Posted on 6/3/2019)
Thank you for every promise you guarantee with your seeds and their function. Your service is perfect. A+++

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