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Looking for a cannabis strain that is easy to grow and won't require a lot of maintenance? Check out Blueberry 420 autoflower seeds! These babies are perfect for impatient growers who want to see results fast. Plus, the delightful berry flavor is sure to please everyone's palate.

Blueberry 420 autoflower Genetics

The genealogy of this feminized strain can be traced all the way back to Goa, India. Although, only a few people appreciate the need strain, and it remains unknown for many years. But trust the resilience of this strain. It survived through the years and rose officially to prominence in the year 2000. Since then, it has never stopped on its track.

It is a mix between Afghan, Thai, and Purple Thai.

As always at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) we have given our personal touch to this strain to make it stable, reliable, and simply the best!

What Are the Effects of Blueberry 420?

Like Blue Dream XTRM, the Blueberry 420 variety has a THC level that ranges from 20 to 30%. Being a 60% Indica/40% Sativa hybrid, it will give you a very balanced high. You get the best of both worlds. It will leave you relaxed but not down. It will fill you with energy and good vibes. It is the perfect companion for any time of the day and night.

What Does It Taste Like?

As its name suggests, Blueberry 420 has a blueberry flavor. If you love blueberries, this is the strain for you.

Strain characteristics

Blueberry seeds are a very popular Indica-dominant hybrid.

One of the main attractions of Blueberry 420 autoflower seeds is that they are plants that will not grow too much ideally for small-spaced growers.

Flowering time

The flowering period is short, starting in the eighth week.


The Blueberry 420 Auto is a sturdy and hard cannabis stain of small to medium height, Indoors they can reach up to 70 cm and outdoors up to 90 cm. If you do not have much space or simply do not want your neighbor to see your beauties appear, this strain is a great choice.


You can harvest up to 350 gr / m2 if you grow it indoors and up to 450 gr / m2 if you grow it outdoors.

THC Level Up to 21%
Indica / Sativa 60% / 40%
Yield indoor Up to 350 grams / 12 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 70 cm / 27.6 inch
Grow difficulty Moderate
Seed Type Hybrid
Effects Relaxed, Pain Relief, Uplifting, Creative
Flavor Sweet, Fruity, Berries
Plant size Compact
Flowering time Fast (6-10 weeks)
Climate Temperate, cold, Mediterranean
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