Blueberry 420 auto-flowering cannabis strain is an Indica marijuana strain loved by many cannabis users. It belongs to the elite class of the cannabis kingdom. You definitely must have a thing for this strain, especially after its 2000 legendary moments. The Blueberry 420 auto claimed the High Times' Cannabis Cup for Best Indica Strain in that year. Since, then many farmers have experimented with it, crossing it with many other strains and breeding to improve its Indica properties. Its legacies and history cut across many countries and cannabis civilization. You will not be exaggerating if you say this strain is a sage in the cannabis world.

Blueberry 420 Autoflowering Seeds

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THC Level 21 - 23%
Indica / Sativa 60% / 40%
Yield Up to 500 gr / plant
Height Compact
Flowering Time 6 - 8 weeks
Effects Creative, Pain Relief, Relaxed, Uplifting
Flavor Berries, Fruity, Sweet

The first thing you would notice is that this strain does not grow tall at all. So you don’t need to devise an elaborate technique to hide it from your nosy neighbor or anti-cannabis friends. It comes with its own evasion tactics! This strain is rare in its component combination.

It gives you an impressive Indica and Sativa ratio that makes recreational and medicinal purposes the right choice. The difference is small, but the Indica component dominates at 60%, with the Sativa component representing 40% of the total composition.

Just like the Blue XTRM, strain the Blueberry 420 has a THC range of 20% to 30%. It starts flowering early, many times by the eighth week of germination. Flowering in the late plants can be delayed until the ninth week. If you a big fan of strains that pack a rich supply of terpenes, look no further; the Blueberry 420 fits perfectly into your choice. It has a rich deposit of Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. It is compatible with outdoor and indoor growth conditions, delivering a fresh aurora of valuable aesthetic impacts. Thanks to its striking colors and delicate stem arrangement.

Origin of the Blueberry 420

The genealogy of this feminized strain can be traced all the way back to Goa, India. Then, Mariska and Jack dubbed the 'Rainbow Warriors,' decided to introduce this strain for cultivation. Although, only a few people appreciate the need strain, and it remains unknown for many years. But trust the resilience of this strain. It survived through the years and rose officially to prominence in the year 2000. Since then, it has never stopped on its track.

By origin, the legend that backs the Blueberry 420 auto-flowering strain goes back to the late 1970s when the famous American cannabis breeder DJ Short started experimenting with many exotic landrace strains for many seed banks. The idea was to produce an improved auto strain that has desirable features that can be easily commercialized. After several attempts at cultivation and hybridization, the Blueberry 420 Auto was finally developed by crossing Blueberry and Light of Jah with the Canadian Ruderalis. The resulting strain definitely packs a lot in a single presentation. 

The flavor of the Blueberry 420

Just as the name already suggests, the Blueberry 420 is a Blueberry flavored hybrid. The blueberry flavors are the first attraction once you break the buds or make it in your preferred method. It emits an herbal scent mixed with hints of pepper and pine. You can just imagine the taste of the aroma emits such a rich blend of blueberry flavors. It tastes sweet and finishes with an explosive blueberry flavor. The after taste combined the aromas for its light smoke and blueberry flavors. Don’t miss the buds too. The blue, glossy, and crispy buds of the Blueberry 420 give an extraordinary fruity taste.   

The terpenes have a stimulatory effect that completely jumpstarts your senses and gives you a delight too beautiful to be described with words. If you haven't tried this strain, we suggest you take your journey to the stoners’ island next time. You can't regret making that decision.

Effects of the Blueberry 420 Cannabis Strain

The effects of this strain are captured in its Indica-dominated composition. The Indica components provide soothing and deeply relaxing effects that are ideal for mood elevation. The calming effect it produces is a complete-body relaxation effect that frees your muscles and gets you submerged in a dream of fantasy. If you prefer a daytime use regimen, get ready to get a spark of blissful creativity. Check through our seed bank to find many strains with a few features like the Blueberry 420.

The yield of the Blueberry 420 Autoflowering Seeds

The Blueberry 420 Auto is a sturdy and hard cannabis stain of small to medium height. When cultivated indoors, expect a few variations in feature and yield. Indoor cultivated plants might attain a maximum height of about 70 cm when fully matured. It has impressive yields when cultivated under both indoor and outdoor growth conditions. The outdoor yield is a lot better as the plant can pack about 400 grams from an area not more than a meter square. If you understand a few cannabis growing techniques, you can optimize the harvest yield under both growth conditions. You can expect and harvest quota of about 450 grams or 16 ounces for every square meter during harvesting.

Growing Conditions of the Blueberry 420 Auto

Just like every other cannabis seed in our seed archive, you can expect that there might be a few challenges when growing the Blueberry 420 seeds. The growth difficulty is moderate, but you might want to understand a few things before deciding to grow this strain. Assuming nothing strange happens, you should be able to grow this strain with our guide and without much expert supervision. You might need to be careful with watering, as it is important not to drench it in too much water. If you a big fan of plant nutrient supplements, you can also apply a few nutrients to the seedbeds before planting. If you do everything right, flowering should start about 6 – 8 weeks after germination. For more tips on how to properly grow the Blueberry 420 auto seeds, check through our cannabis growth guide.  

How long to grow blueberry autoflower

It takes anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks to grow the Blueberry autoflower from germination to harvest. Depending on your experience and the growing conditions, the growing time can significantly be closer to 6 weeks or 8 weeks. You can follow the AMS grow guide to keep you in track with all the growing information you ever need.

How to grow blueberry autoflower indoors

  • Germinate Blueberry autoflower seeds in a paper towel

  • Set your grow tent

  • Place a pot containing your growing media in the tent and place the sprouted Blueberry auto seeds inside

  • Regularly provide some water and nutrients to the seedlings

  • After 4 weeks, switch on the lights

  • After about a week, blueberry autoflower buds will start forming.

How many weeks to harvest autoflower

Depending on the autoflower strain you grow and your experience, you can harvest the buds anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks. Some strains have a short flowering time while others have the longest. To get incredible tips on how to successfully grow autoflowers and harvest them sooner than later, check the AMS grow guide.

How to grow blueberry autoflower

  • Germinate the blueberry autoflower seeds using your most preferred method

  • Take the popped out seeds in your growing medium and sprinkle them with water

  • If grown outdoors, ensure that the plants get sunlight for 8 hours. If indoors, 18 hours of light is perfect

  • Supply your Blueberry autoflower plants with sufficient nutrients and water

  • After 6 to 8 weeks, the yields are ready for harvest.

How to harvest blueberry autoflower

When most of the Blueberry autoflower stigmas have turned brown, it means that the weed is ready for harvest. It will be best for you to harvest the yields early in the morning. You will need to start by chopping the upper branches first as they tend to mature faster, then repeat for each branch with ripened buds.


Customer Reviews

Vary easy growing strain, virtually water and watch Review by FullSendFarm (Posted on 3/22/2022)
Easy growing
Almost a water and watch grow plant
Great smell, taste
Review by Big buds for days (Posted on 1/28/2022)
So far so good
Wicked Fast Shipping Review by Kent Campbell (Posted on 1/26/2022)
From order to my door in US in 7 days!
Loved the tie too. I’ll update throughout the process. Thanks!
20 seeds Review by David (Posted on 10/23/2021)
Great Dealing With,great seeds, 19 came up.not ready for taste yet. Thank You
Johnno Review by Wesley (Posted on 10/15/2021)
Really happy… was fast, got some free seeds! Thanks AMS
Johnno Review by Wesley (Posted on 10/15/2021)
Really happy… was fast, got some free seeds! Thanks AMS
Blueberry 420 Review by Warren (Posted on 10/5/2021)
Good strain beautiful flower
Good starter seeds Review by Lanette (Posted on 10/1/2021)
They grow really well I only started 2 and they are turning out good so far
Good starter seeds Review by Lanette (Posted on 10/1/2021)
Growing very fast and very well
Great Review by Country (Posted on 9/26/2021)
It's layerd out very well
Blueberry auto Review by Matttt (Posted on 8/17/2021)
Excellent all the way around grew a whole ten pack of these the taste and smell is amazing, great yield, not super tall, low maintenance. I used mostly organic, water when dry method. There will be another round of this for sure
Most definitely recommend AMS Review by Ronnie K (Posted on 6/23/2021)
Only 7 out of 10 of my Blueberry 420 seeds germinated, but those 7 are looking GREAT!
puff, puff, pass, pass... Review by Eric (Posted on 6/18/2021)
Great stuff, great people to work with...
poor germanation rate Review by mike (Posted on 5/8/2021)
out of 5 seeds only 1 germinated . but all the other seeds from this company were great and no problem germinating at all just think i got a bad batch of blueberry 420 autos so 5 stars to the company but 1 star to the bb420auto .
Very good company Review by Jordan Brinkley (Posted on 4/6/2021)
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by Raymond (Posted on 3/25/2021)
I I purchased the blueberry Auto 420. By far the most righteous Seed Company. I would definitely recommend.
BlueBerry 420 Auto Fem Review by Luke (Posted on 3/12/2021)
I ordered a 5 pack, 2 out of the 5 were regular females but that is okay. The Other 3 germinated fine and came out to be some of the BEST weed I have ever attained. Buy a 10 or 20 pack if you are gonna go for autos.
I seem to have a bit of a hard time germinating these seeds, but look forward to the finished product Review by Ron (Posted on 3/12/2021)
Other seeds I've gotten have been a good way to go, but these for some reason seem to be a bit more difficult to germinate ????
Solid, solid company. Review by Honeheevahtoohe (Posted on 3/12/2021)
Solid, solid company. I would put their strains and genetics as among the best in the business. Good example, I have a Blueberry 420 Auto Fem that has a fist size cola after 40 days of growth. Not flowering, that's total grow of 40 days and that is very common to get those results. She's going to be insane when she's finished and cured! Definitely recommend
5 stars Review by peter woodward (Posted on 3/1/2021)
The blueberry autos produce some dank dank bud cant wait to try a different batch
Much recommended Review by Sdrodbuster (Posted on 3/1/2021)
12 day delivery everytime 100% germination rate Ive run Blueberry 420 auto twice now Northern lights xtrm twice now And a Happy outdoor auto pack that 6 plants yielded over a pound and a half indoor . Cant ask for a greater Bank . Much recommended
Thanks again AMS for the great service. Review by AllGrownUp (Posted on 2/18/2021)
Wow ?? I live in Canada and when I ordered these blueberry 420 autos I had low expectations as far as delivery time as I’ve ordered from another company out of the UK but 14 days later my seeds are here. Thank you. I have them germinating now seeds look awesome I will update once they pop. Thanks again AMS for the great service.
you guys rock Review by John R (Posted on 2/15/2021)
After reading through some of the negative reviews.. I knew I had no choice but to speak up for the amazing experience I had with AMS. For starters-- I have been doing this on and off for close to 15 years or so. This place is the real deal. lets start with first impression. Their website layout is fantastic. Super easy to navigate.. all the popular currencies converted... BEFORE checkout. Just all the right stuff. Do you know how hard it is to find a seed vendor that will post a picture of their final, cured product? For each available strain? For that reason alone, I knew I had to look into AMS. There are always a group of things I'm going to look for before buying seeds.. and a company that has done the tests and trials to touch on every one of my concerns-- you can bet I'm a happy customer. The description for each strain is in depth and useful. The price for seeds are on the higher side-- butttt.... heres the part where i say... you get what you pay for. 10% discount on 10 seeds or more? That's a great deal to take a bit of sting off the price point. Will be taking that up next order. Next I have to say, shipping speed was amazing. I thought I was looking at 3-4 weeks and I dare say they were in my hands in less than 2 weeks. As far as germination.. out of 5 seeds I started 3 blueberry auto seeds.. and 3 autos are now growing. They were ready for cubes after 48 hrs... and right now after maybe 2 weeks., they are about 4 inches tall.. 6+ inches wide.. with nice development and covered in a velvety paleblue fuzz on the leaves. These are some very healthy seeds. Using BPN nutes and a cal mag boost... mild solution and a home brew tea... these things are rockin.. Probably will be too stoned to update in 90 days so Ill just say.. AMS... ive been looking for a good blueberry strain for years and I think I found it.. you guys rock...haters are gonna hate. PEACE
Great!! Review by LB (Posted on 5/23/2019)
Great people To do business with
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