Skunk Supreme marijuana is a cross between Super Skunk & Critical which will create a relaxing effect over the body, which makes it the perfect answer for your stress and body pains.

Skunk Supreme Feminized Seeds

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THC Level 21 - 23%
Indica / Sativa 60% / 40%
Yield 550 - 800 gr / plant
Height Tall
Flowering Time 8 - 9 weeks
Climate Continental, Mediterranean, Temperate
Effects Euphoric, Pain Relief, Relaxed
Flavor Earthy, Herbs, Pungent, Skunky

A Potent Crossing For The Budding Pothead

You can use Skunk Supreme at all times of the day. Use it at night to sleep better. For recreational users, Skunk Supreme feminized seeds are something to get excited about as they may put you into a spacey state or a euphoric zone.

Surprisingly, others also find this beauty as the ultimate deal for producing vast clouds of smoke, which in turn, necessitate hotboxing. She wouldn’t have been referred to as Supreme without any apparent reason, anyway.

Supreme Weed Strain Is Our Creation For You

Skunk Supreme seeds come as a result of the best seed bank in the world – Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds rolling our sleeves and working tirelessly to see to it that our dream became a reality. As mentioned above, the parental figures for Skunk Supreme strain are Super Skunk and Critical, and thankfully, she averagely maintains most of the typical characteristics of the two parents.

How Supreme Skunk Strain Works In Your Body

Supreme weed is likely to help you achieve the high you have been looking for. While many weed smokers seeking to use supreme weed strain look for it for its high, the relaxing effect also comes along.

Skunk supreme strain features relaxing effects on the user because it is an Indica-dominant strain with a slightly higher Indica percentage compared to Sativa content in the strain. As such, you can use supreme skunk strain mostly during the night and relieve various body pains without the fear of intoxicating yourself.

It is true that mature skunk supreme seeds will have a funny scent, but the truth is it will give you mixed feelings – a high as well as a relaxed mind. Taking high doses of mature skunk supreme flower means you are likely to feel overly excited even when your non-smoking friends feel it is crazy to crack a joke.

Raising Supreme Seeds

To be able to raise supreme seeds, we have given you detailed information on what you need to do. Our team of experts will also be more than ready to help you know what you need to grow supreme seeds to maturity.

For instance, Skunk starts to germinate a few days after subjecting her seeds to the conditions required for sprouting. Flowering of the Supreme Skunk strain starts at the eighth or ninth week. It is not hard to tend these seeds to maturity. When grown indoors, skunk plants hit a height of some 31.5 inches, which is equivalent to 80 centimeters.

When grown outdoors, the plants are likely to grow taller than those grown indoors. Outdoor height can go up to 78.5 inches or 200 centimeters. The harvest is also different depending on where you decide to grow your skunk plants.

For instance, indoor harvest can be 15.9 ounces for every square meter. This amount of weed is equal to some 450 grams. Outdoor harvest is usually 600 grams or 21.2 oz for every square meter.

The buds also tend to be massive, and we usually advise the grower that whenever she exhibits signs of flowering, supporting the branches ought to get done to prevent breakages arising from the massive weights of the buds. This is, of course, not denoting that she is weak. No, supreme weed strain also requires her strength to get enhanced!

Next to these feminized seeds, AMS sells more than 120 different types of the best weed seeds with a great assortment of medical seeds. Want some growing tips? Read our Grow Guide for more detailed information. Can't find the information you're looking for? Contact our customer service, we're more than happy to help!


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Couldn't be happier Review by Jack (Posted on 8/21/2020)
All I can say is the genetics were beautiful and the end result was amazing.
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