Cannabis plant in symbiosis with humans

The mystery and greatest question of them all "WHY MARIJUANA" explained finally and forever ;-)

Why marijuana - human achievement and the consequences

We live our hours and days in task related neuropathways based on logical thinking. We can push ourselves to do one thing for hours and hours until it's done, disregarding our feelings of "enough of this" begging us to stop. That is what makes our species so successful, what gives us control, abundance, safety and comfort, and that is also what kills our living in the moment, shuts off our feeling of freedom, and joy of switching the activities as we please in natural, animal flow of existence.

Why marijuana - the stress hormones and brain hell

So at work or school, we are pushed or we push ourselves further and further with one activity, we get pumped with adrenaline, dopamine, cortisol hormones associated with overcoming challenges, analysis, decisions, fight or flight responses, good or bad unsure choices. And that is where we end up, after work or school time, stuck with hyperactive brain spinning like hell, thinking about problems, decisions, past and future choices, figuring out our options, so deep within our brain thinking itself out of control, until sleep shuts us off. But that is also an illusion, the brain stays on that train of thoughts and feelings, that were present within us, during falling asleep so it's almost never-ending and you know that, when you wake up tired ... unlike the bird singing joy songs in the morning.

marijuana plant and stress hormones

Why marijuana - the halfway escapes

All that we want in those tired, cortisol moments is to switch to "being free from worries, childlike trance of being", but you cannot just press the brake pedal and do that. So we choose to do sports, meet friends, enjoy cultural events, attend concerts, but those are all focused attention, engaging activities, when we feel we fulfill ourselves and experience the new. But in the end all that stuff takes us only halfway with oxytocin, endorphin, serotonin, dopamine rush, and we are back in bed in the evening still feeling the thoughts spinning in our heads.

Why marijuana - the child heavens

Well, there are a few choices if we want to end up in bed like free from worries kids half dreaming about the enjoyment of the past day, gracefully leaving the duty of guarding safety and next day plans for their support group meaning parents ;-)

marijuana plant and the child heavens

Why marijuana - the naked and afraid animal way

Can we follow the animal way? Zero thoughts, just reacting to surrounding and environment impulses, switching freely between trance-like activities like eating, resting, following the pack, hunting when hungry, always connected with surrounding natural shapes and sounds giving them relaxing vibe. We could try to relearn that, but somehow we have left that world long ago and there is no turning back for us humans ... even if we love to visit, we cannot stay there ...

Why marijuana - is there any stairway to heaven

So how do we produce that harmonious, relaxed, brainless trance of chill, so safe with pack, no worries, future free, trance-like feeling of harmony, peace, acceptance, connection, in our after-work cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine pumped state?

Why marijuana - the heavens within our body

Do you know which mysterious system of our bodies, never gets to play its very important role with that kind of overactive, full of stress, unnatural lifestyle? It's the endocannabinoid system ;-) By secreting endocannabinoids from lipid cell membranes into the extracellular space throughout the whole body, it induces relaxed states of muscles and other organ tissues, it plays a role in regulating anxiety-related emotional states in the amygdala, hippocampus, and cortex, you get the picture, right? It is an overall tranquilizer and relaxant system for the body, emotions, and brain ... can you see where it is going? Try this: take a joint, just look at the smoke that comes out in swirls and keep breathing, consider that as a magic moment of peace you take for yourself, and notice the difference in mood and relaxation that comes with this process. That's the endocannabinoid system releasing endocannabinoids. On demand ;-) AMS Lovecanna (follow the name)

marijuana plant and the heavens within our body

Why marijuana - the brake pedal and how can you do that instantly ;-)

But most of us, cannot just jump-start that juicy endocannabinoid system like that, because we are too far into the shaky, stressy body and brain state. Do you know the answer to the big question already? Why marijuana? Endocannabinoids are similar to the THC cannabinoids present in the cannabis sativa (C. sativa) plant. You can fill your body with them and notice the difference ;-) Because you have just delivered 10x the natural amount of endocannabinoids to your system and they are doing the job ;-)

Why marijuana - the gardeners' delight

You see me getting there? WHY MARIJUANA? Why nothing is better than Santa Maria to relearn the endocannabinoid state that we so seldom produce within ourselves living our busy human life? So add the joy of growing your own medicine plant to the equation and enjoy your life in an animal slow trance ... at least in the afternoons and evenings ... Vibrate and resonate with Love Sisters and Brothers ;-)

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AMS Lovecanna