Hemp Product

Curious about what Hemp can all be used for? We curated a list of everything that's possible with this fantastic plant.

Hemp vehicles

There are various materials used when making electric cars, similar to solar panels and wind turbines. These comprise Silicon, Silver, Cobalt, Graphite, Rare Earths, Coal, Steel, Nickel, Sulfur Hexafluoride (which is 23,000 times worse than CO2), Copper, Concrete (the third leading cause of C02 emissions), Lithium, Tin, Chlorine, Hydrofluoric Acid, and Petroleum.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJq3WvyBqQl/?igshid=1fmsqi2yyl7al

When you look at how those products get extracted, there is loads of environmental pollution going on. If you are an environmental conservation activist, chances are that you are not impressed by the entire process.

However, there is a solution for the future...hemp. Henry Ford built a hemp car in 1941. This car was built from hemp plastic and used hemp as fuel. Tests showed that hemp was, in fact, stronger than steel. After using a hammer to dent the car, the testers were taken aback after learning that the car didn't budge!

Over the past few years, the Renewed Sports Car, also called the Hemp Car, has been taking the Internet by storm. This car is manufactured with its entire body made using the Industrial hemp plant. To get the body from hemp, Renew Sports uses hemp fibers while ensuring that they have tightly interwoven them. After that, they cover it with an arduous resin. This car runs on hemp biofuel just like Henry Ford's, and it is 4.7 times greener than the electric cars we see today.

This brings us to another product that can be made using hemp…


Thomas Reed, an engineer at the Colorado School of Mines, says that one can get 1000 gallons of gasoline from an acre of industrial hemp. Interestingly, those with cars running on regular petroleum oil can use hemp biofuel in their cars. This makes economic sense as there won't be a dire transition to electric cars citing environmental conservation.


Affordable housing and living are critical factors for many people. With hempcrete, you are assured of a functional thermodynamic insulator. This is fantastic for those tired of skyrocketing energy costs raised by the lack of sufficient insulators in their buildings.

Hempcrete also ensures that there is little to no chance of having construction waste. In fact, researchers say that 55% of energy consumption is closely related to construction waste. With the reduced energy consumption, the CO2 absorption by hempcrete occurs faster, thus reducing one's CO2 footprint. In the long run, the occupants can live a considerably healthier life free from excessive carbon dioxide.

The other crucial merit is that there is a reduction of allergens in the house. Paints and many insulators can cause allergies in some people, and with hempcrete, there is a lessened risk of that occurring. Hempcrete gets manufactured from all-organic materials, and as such, you can expect the effect on those suffering from allergies won't be adverse.

Hemp plastic

Hemp plastic can do what ordinary plastic can do, except that hemp plastic is harder than steel. This is an assurance that you will be going for a durable product if you choose this route.

However, there is a spoiler alert...using hemp plastic commercially is pricier compared to ordinary plastic. Also, the thorough regulation of hemp makes the supply somewhat limited, which means coming to terms with the high costs requires patience. Some of the things that can be produced using hemp plastic are sunglasses, pens, and hemp filaments.

Hemp oil

While at this, please note that we have used hemp oil as a general term. We are, however, going to categorize hemp oil into two: hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil (CBD hemp oil).

The hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. These seeds are cold pressed to extract the oil, which has a plentitude of uses. On the other hand, CBD oil comes from extracting CBD from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant. Perhaps you have seen the buzz around the Internet about the benefits of both hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil.

Hemp seed oil can be used for cooking. It can also be topically applied to the skin for a healthy and hydrated appearance. On the other hand, CBD oil has been proven as a good supplement for overall mood enhancement, anti-aging, and alleviating different mental disorders.

The critical difference between hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil is that hemp seed oil lacks any cannabinoids of cannabis. Hemp CBD oil has CBD, low THC levels, CBN, CBG, and more, thus the user will benefit from different cannabis compounds when they go for the hemp CBD oil.


Hemp seeds get considered a superfood, as is the case with chia and flax seeds. These seeds are among the most nutritious source of food that can sustain the dietary requirements of everyone. For instance, these seeds have fatty acidic Omegas (Omega-3 and 6) to boost immunity and control cholesterol and proteins to build the consumer's body. Their digestion is easy and is fantastic for vegetarians.

There is also hemp protein powder, having an average of 15 grams for each serving. Hemp protein powder is great for that person looking forward to supplementing their diet with proteins.

There is also the issue of hemp milk. If dairy products are problematic to you, then you can use hemp seeds to make hemp seed milk. Fantastic nutritional values are hereby in store for you.

Other hemp products from this category include hemp flour, butter, granola, energy bars, hemp-flavored vitamin water, coffee, burgers, and hot dogs.

Hemp also gets used for manufacturing food-grade wraps, straws, and utensils.

Hemp tea

It isn’t mandatory that you use tea leaves in your tea. With the leaves from hemp, you can actually prepare hemp leaves tea and fancy what it has to offer. Also, you can blend your tea with seeds from hemp. This makes it pleasing as you enjoy the above-mentioned nutritional values of hemp seeds.

Hemp diapers

Arguably, hemp textile materials absorb more than cotton does. One can use washable hemp diapers for their babies instead of the regular diapers that will need to get dumped into landfills. Simply put, these are more eco-friendly than those that are disposable.


Hemp fiber is among the most durable in the world, and this means that if strength is a factor to consider when buying clothes, then hemp fabrics are your perfect match. These clothes are breathable and eco-friendly.

Some of the hemp types of clothing in the world today include shirts, shoes, scarves, bracelets, jackets, yoga pants, robes, wallets, hemp overalls, and hemp underwear.

Hemp ropes are also there and have been used for more than 100 centuries. Truly classic and durable to fit anyone’s rope requirements.

Hemp beer

If you love your beer having a weedy flavor, then there is no better beer for you than hemp beer. Today, there is a number of brands that use hemp-infused beers, and guess what? They are smiling at how gradually there is greening with hemp beer and also hemp vodka.

Hemp soaps

Due to the fatty ratios of hemp seeds, hemp forms a pleasant base for making soaps of incredible quality.

Hemp paper

While paper gets mostly manufactured using wood pulp, hemp fiber is the most realistic idea. For a forest to grow to maturity and give usable wood pulp, it would take a couple of years. However, with hemp, maturity averages 120 days, and after that, it can get processed for different uses.

To the greatest extent, there is the avoidance of soil erosion with deforestation, as compared to cutting an acreage of hemp plants and then planting others after the entire usage of the prior.

Also, growing hemp for paper is a way of conserving the environment as there is no need for artificial fertilizers or loads of pesticides, as would have been the case while growing hardwood plants.

Beauty products

The hemp seed oil has omega-3, which is an ideal fatty acid that helps in firming our skin. Eventually, this makes the skin more tolerant and, of course, beautiful. The amino acids present also moisturize the skin and prevent facial wrinkles. This solves the problem of having dry skin or suffering from eczema.

Some of the beauty products made from hemp seed oil include hemp essential oil, serums, lip balms, sunscreens, topicals, body wash, shampoos, and hemp facial cleansers.


Some refer to hemp cigarettes as CBD cigars. These harbor CBD from hemp and terpenes and have a great aroma and flavor. If you are a fan of smoking, then you can vape hemp CBD and get acquainted with the most effective way of experiencing the different effects of CBD.

Final Thoughts

By now, we hope that you see the possibilities of hemp and where it can all be used. Understandably, this cannabis Sativa derivative shows loads of potential, and it is on us to keep updating this article whenever there is another product made from hemp.