DIY pipe or bowl

You never know when you need a spare pipe or bowl. So check this article and learn how to make a pipe, water pipe, or bowl yourself. It is actually very simple. And in addition, it is also fun to do because you can use the craziest objects to make one. So dive in!

Suppose you have very good buds (or less good ones, but that's not what it's about now) but you don't have a pipe, bowl, or hookah to smoke it. Then you have a shitty problem, yes you do. It would be a nightmare! But don't freak out, we are here to help you. Because it is very nice and also very useful to put together a water pipe or a bowl. Welcome to this episode of 'DIY pipe and bowl'!

Making your own cannabis pipe or bowl is easy

It is true that the methods in this article must be considered as a kind of last rescue. If you have the opportunity to buy a pipe somewhere (made of ceramic or glass), do so. The methods below are creative solutions, in case you simply need a quick solution! The pipes that we describe here in this article are from materials that are normally not used to smoke weed. We want to make that clear! Look, glass or ceramic water pipes will always work better and offer you a better experience. The burning time is also better. Normal pipes are produced to meet all those factors. But again, suppose for some reason you don't have anything to smoke out of, then you always have the following ways!

A real water pipe or pipe always does more justice to your cannabis. The taste, the burning time, and the feeling are better if you use a product specially made with these factors in mind.

It is true that a professional pipe or a DIY pipe should produce the same high. You smoke the same amount of THC with it, so there is no difference. It is more in the difference in ease of use. But a DIY pipe should be just as effective. So go for it, MacGyver!

We also made a video where our Mr. Sour works his magic making his own pipe from a cigarette box

If you are on social media, then you know that smoking out of food is very popular. The craziest fruit and vegetables are used to make pipes to smoke cannabis. It used to be normal, and today it is making a comeback. Which type of fruit is the easiest to make a pipe out of? Then we would still opt for apple. An apple is fairly easy to convert into a pipe. You start by hollowing out the apple from above, to just over half. Not all the way to the bottom. Now you do that again, but from a different side, so that it comes out perpendicular to your first honed corridor. The two tubes must come together inside the apple, so they must be connected to each other.

This way you can get started with a lot of fruits. There are also many changes possible to create an even better smoking experience. You can place a bowl on the apple, or use something else that you can use as a bowl. That of course should not melt. You can actually use all sorts of vegetables or fruit that have a good size. You then build an air chamber, in the same way as with the apple. It is also very nice to build different fruit and vegetables on top of each other, as long as the air ducts are connected to each other. And what about a coconut nut as a water pipe? Then you can even continue to use the coconut water! The possibilities are endless, so experiment and create!

Making a pipe from a pen or a can

If you are a bit precise, making a pipe yourself is really easy. We use a pen for this method. Just a ballpoint, or whatever. All parts of the pen must be removable. So take everything apart, and it's important that the tip of the pen is made of metal. Because that point is your bowl and it should not melt, because it gets hot. Ok, how do you proceed? To start, insert the tip into the tube, but do it the other way around. So the opposite of how it was normally stuck. You put your weed in that little bowl that is created now. Light your weed and inhale through the plastic tube on the other side. See!

Ok, now we do the same, only we use a can of soda. Just a can of Coke is perfect. Because even a can be transformed into a fantastic pipe. Don't you believe it? Just wait and see. First, you put a dent in the side of the can, use your thumb, or put in a lot of force. This dent is your bowl, in which you will put your herbs. Now you make a number of holes in that dent. They must be small holes, so use a pin or something. Now light your weed and inhale through the opening of the can that you would normally drink from. This works great because the smoke has time to cool down on the inside of the can. Happy toking!