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Master Kush is a hybrid of two different landraces. Pakistan is where they got their start. And right here in Amsterdam, Master Kush was further grown and developed. Master Kush has an F4 classification, meaning it is an extremely stable strain. It is known for its relaxing and couch-locking effect. The buds have a sweet and earthy flavor with hints of citrus.

About Master Kush

Master Kush is a well-known and popular strain of cannabis that is cherished by many marijuana growers. This strain is known for its high THC content and unique aroma. Whether you're enjoying it alone or sharing it with friends, Master Kush is sure to provide a truly unforgettable experience. It is also known for being a relatively easy strain to grow, which makes it a favorite among beginner growers. The Master Kush plant grows to a moderate height and produces dense, compact buds covered in beautiful crystals.

Master Kush is a feminized strain, meaning that it has been bred to produce only female plants. This is good news for growers, as it means they won't have to worry about growing male plants. 

What are the effects of Master Kush

This beauty will give you an explosive stone. As a good Indica, it is usually ideal for nighttime consumption. It is also perfect for relaxing after a long day at work. Make yourself comfy, leave your concerns at the front door, and light an excellent Master Kush joint. Your mind will go through space after a few hits, and your body will feel at ease.

Beginners, pay attention! The THC levels of this magnificent strain are between 20 and 30%. So if you don't want to get too high, start smoking strains with a lower THC. Jumping into this without any experience can be quite heavy.

Some of the most common effects associated with Master kush are:

  • Relaxed
  • Creative
  • Alert

What does Master Kush taste like?

Its aroma, which is frequently described as having an ‘old school flavor’, is mellow and earthy with citrus undertones and a touch of incense.

For which user

This strain is often used by experienced smokers who are looking for a strong high, and it is also popular among medical marijuana smokers. Master Kush is best enjoyed in small doses, and it is important to start slow and increase your dose gradually if you are new to smoking this strain.

Master Kush can grow practically anywhere. This plant is very popular with Indica growers for its quality, great yield, and good taste. The difficulty of growth is moderate. This means that those who already have some experience in growing marijuana, and experts, will find it very easy to grow.

What are the Characteristics of Master Kush

Read the characteristics listed below and know what to expect from your Master kush plants:

Flower time

The flowering time of Master Kush is between 8 and 9 weeks.


Indicas are generally characterized by short heights, which will stay that way with this strain. If you grow it indoors it can achieve a height of up to 100 cm (3 ft). If you grow it outdoors, it can reach up to 175 cm (6 ft).

Good to know

It is a bushy plant in nature, so it will need its own defined space. This space is necessary to prevent it from intertwining with other plants that are nearby, which can make it difficult to detect mold or any other fungus.


Master Kush is an excellent strain for those who want a high-quality product. It's perfect for smoking at night because it will give you a deep stone that will help you relax after a long day. Keep in mind that this strain has high THC levels, so it's not recommended for beginners.

THC Level Up to 20%
Indica / Sativa 85% / 15%
Yield indoor Up to 450 grams / 15.9 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 50 cm / 19.7 inch
Grow difficulty Moderate
Seed Type Indica
Effects Relaxed, Alert, Creative
Flavor Citrus, Earthy, Woody, Hash
Plant size Average
Flowering time Average (8-12 weeks)
Climate cold, Warm Dry, Mediterranean
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