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L.A. Don Feminized Seeds

  • Indica/Sativa:
  • Yield: Extreme Yield
  • Climate:
  • THC level: 21 - 23%
  • Effect: Body-Stoned
  • Taste: Berries,Earthy

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L.A. Don Feminized Seeds

L.A. Don is a new Indica strain that you have to try if you're looking for the perfect night's rest. With powerful Indica parent strains like Black Domina and L.A. Confidential, you won't need to count sheep at night. Its high THC percentage will not only help you drift off into a peaceful sleep but will nip your aches, pains, and anxiety in the bud.

A Pleasing Beauty

L.A. Don feminized seeds produce strains that don’t disappoint. Its high yield and short flowering time are sure to make it a crowd-pleaser for any grower. The indoor flowering time as is the case with most Indica beauties ranges between 7 and 9 weeks, and the yields are massive. Here, we are talking about between 24-32oz/m2 whether you grow the beauty indoors or outdoors.

From AMS To The Grower

L.A. Don is a new Indica strain that you have to try if you're looking for the perfect night's rest. In fact, it is one of the newest strains here on AMS, and as things seem, we can confidently tell you that the L.A. Don feminized has more to offer than just yields.

With powerful Indica parent strains like Black Domina and L.A. Confidential, you won't need to count sheep at night. Our master breeder – Relaximo, along with our other bunch of breeders here must have gone above and beyond to see this feminized grass existing. And wait! All this is typical because we love you and wouldn’t be happier than seeing you cultivating an Indica of choice.

Typical Indica For Nighttime Use

It's high THC percentage will not only help you drift off into a peaceful sleep but will nip your aches, pains, and anxiety in the bud. Take a hit of this earthy-smelling strain to feel happy and uplifted and then take a deep breath as you begin to feel the numbing sensation take over your body. If you're not in bed already after a few tokes, make your way there as you won't want to get up once the strong strain takes its full effect.

The CBD levels in the L.A. Don feminized strain are normal, and when coupled with her 20-30% THC, then rest assured that the job will get done. You will be taking more of a medicinal strain than recreational.

One of the clarifications we feel like we need to make about the L.A. Don seeds is that this beauty will bring about the couch-locked feeling; thus, you will need to either take the hit when you are in the bed or as you head there. Boy, you will lose your socks if you don’t tread carefully. Absolute beginners, pass whistling when you hear this 95% Indica getting talked about; on a lighter note, though, you need to go for an Indica hybrid if you need a nighttime strain, and our marijuana seed table has that clarified.

Daytime users, you may need to go the Sativa way as most of the 90%+ Indica-dominant strains are best suited for nighttime consumption. Thankfully, we have a plethora of Sativas and you may click our Sativa seeds category for exploring.

L.A. Don Weed Seeds With Ease Of Raising

L.A. Don is an easy strain to grow either indoors or outdoors, and it also does well with growing hydroponically. The germination, just as is the case with our marijuana seeds occurs painlessly for that grower who likes doing everything right.

So, assume that you have your L.A. Don seeds with you. The first step to go about it is finding a germination method that best suits your convenience. Could that be the paper towel method, overnight soaking, seedling plugs, or direct germination?

If any of those is quite unclear to you, please go through our germination guide as we have clarified those techniques to the entirety.

After the successful germination of your plants from L.A. Don feminized seeds, a critical thing to ensure is that four things have to come into play – spacing, water, nutrients, and lighting schedules.

You need to space your L.A. Don feminized strain in such a way that their short, bushy nature won’t affect the optimum growth and spreading of nuisances such as molds, white powdery, and caterpillars. About the watering, you will need to familiarize yourself with the optimal amounts of water that really help a cannabis plant. This is to say overwatering or underwatering shouldn’t happen.

Thirdly, your L.A. seeds require nutrients in the form of cannabis fertilizers, and if you wish to go organic, then the usage of coffee grounds as your critical source of fertilizer will come in handy. Lastly is on lights, and specifically indoor grow lights. As you will see on our grow guide, indoor cannabis plants require 18 hours of sufficient light if you are to find the flowering phase doing exploits for you. If you can, never at any given day deviate from factoring in these exact hours. Invest properly in your therapeutic and recreational self by investing properly in these Indicas.

Read ourGrow Guideto make sure you get the best yield and send your remaining questions to our customer service for extra advice.

Discounted Cannabis Seeds At AMS

As you buy your L.A. Don feminized seeds, you can ultimately save up to 10% when you use crypto as your preferred payment method. The savings may even be higher if you are signed up for our newsletter. On our mailing list, we announce whenever we have price deals. For example, there could be times when we have 50% off select strains, and your favorite L.A. Don seeds may be on such an offer at that particular moment or find an offer where we are giving a specific strain for free after purchasing one of that kind.

AMS sells over 120 types. So buy weed seeds online at AMS. We have it all, autoflower, regular andfeminized seeds. Which one are you specifically interested in? We would be happy to deliver your seeds to any part of this globe.

Yield Extreme Yield
THC Level 21 - 23%
Indica / Sativa 95% / 5%
Height Average
Effects Body-Stoned, Pain Relief, Sedative, Sleepy
Flavor Berries, Earthy, Peppery, Pine
Flowering Time 7 - 9 weeks
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  • Indica dominant strains are for nighttime use and will help you to relax and ease your aches and pains.
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