Narco Strain

AMS proudly presents another new marijuana strain: Narco. We've been doing research, testing, and crossing strains for many years in search of the ultimate relaxation marijuana strain. Finally, we've crossed Black Domina with our world-famous White Widow XTRM and created Narco, your new favorite midnight snack, and natural sleeping pill!


Overwhelming laziness

Narco is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain, which will provide a very happy and uplifting feeling after the first few hits. Followed by a deep relaxation, which develops into a feeling of almost overwhelming laziness.

The strong Indica effects of Narco make this marijuana strain perfect for night use.

What sets Narco apart from his parents White Widow XTRM and Black Domina

An excellent relaxing strain that promises to lull you into a deep, peaceful sleep. Narco seeds have a relatively short flowering period and should be ready in just about 7-9 weeks. It surpasses its parent White Widow XTRM which has a flowering period that can go up to 8-10 weeks. Although Black Domina exhibits a rapid flowering time just like Narco, it provides a tolerable cerebral buzz, but Narco outdoes these effects. With incredible THC content that can easily hit the 25 % mark. When it comes to aroma, White Widow XTRM provides a well-pronounced sweet and sour taste with slight citrus hints, while Narco has an excellent peppery and earthy flavor characterized by blueberry hints.