The Happy Outdoor Mix is a combination of different marijuana seeds of strains that are quite easy to grow.

Happy Outdoor Mix Feminized Seeds

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This is the perfect choice for every marijuana rookie that wants to start growing marijuana! Which weed seeds you will get in this Happy Outdoor Mix is always a surprise. Maybe you will grow a nice Afghan marijuana plant or a White Widow marijuana plant or a Borderliner XTRM marijuana plant, it's always a surprise.

Strains Ideal For The Outdoor Cultivation

There are different reasons why one needs to go the outdoor feminized seeds way as opposed to indoors. For instance, under most circumstances, outdoor marijuana tends to do better than indoor marijuana strains.

If you are investing in the AMS outdoor happy mix, you are therefore, investing in massive yields. Secondly, it is somewhat cheaper to go the outdoors way as compared to indoors. For instance, there is no much worry about more electricity bills as you will only need to put on the lights when necessary, as opposed to indoors where the plant needs to get subjected to a source of light for 18 hours or more. Won’t you be happy to be made a super saver by our outdoor mix feminized seeds?

We also wish to make you feel proud as your neighbor praises you for having standing ganja plants because let’s face it: if you go the indoors way, it is extremely daunting to be in a position to know what exactly you have in your growing medium, not unless you go for an indoor strain that has an extreme stink.

From AMS To You With Tender Care

Coming up with the outdoor mix feminized seeds is exclusively our idea for you. We love surprises and wouldn’t be happier than seeing you shocked to find your favorite outdoor strain in this marijuana seed pack.

In fact, we are winning this as it is quite daunting to accurately guess the strain you will be expecting from seeds. However, as it grows, our seeds descriptions and marijuana seeds table will enable you be in a better position to fathom what exactly is sprouting in your pot farm.

All Feminized Beauties

Understandably, you are not interested in cloning cannabis, and that you will need to have females only. This leaves you with a single choice – going for a feminized strain only. Outdoor mix feminized seeds should inspire you to have that grass that assures you of succeeding outdoors, with the guarantee that you are getting a plentitude of feminized beauties.

A Mix With 90% Bound To Germinate Beans

Our outdoor feminized seeds, just like all of our seeds have a 90% germination guarantee. For the more than 2 decades we have been around, we have perfected our art to see to it that we go the extra mile to enable even that absolute beginner can successfully sprout these beans. We do this in a simple way – our master breeder consistently improves the existing beans to enable them be further standing out than the last bath.

Where You Are Doesn’t Matter

Provided you are in a legal pot-growing country, we find no reason as to why we shouldn’t make you feel that pride that comes with a successful outdoor feminized seeds germination and growth. We also understand that you don’t wish your shipment to get exposed to the outer world, and that is why we use crush-proof packaging materials to deliver your shipment.

Germinating these beans remains to be a straightforward process, and the same case applies to the cultivation. Need some help growing your seeds into healthy plants? Check out our Weed Grow Guide


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Communication is groovy!! Review by Barbara (Posted on 8/21/2020)
We are very happy with the communication we get. When we ask a question, in no time at all, we have an answer. And it is very refreshing. Especially in this day and age. Thank you to AMS!!

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