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I used to think that the only marathon a stoner would ever complete is watching a marathon of That 70’s Show reruns. But to my wonderful surprise, it turns out that exercise and marijuana actually go hand in hand. Now, thanks to Power Plant Fitness, you can enjoy toking and training at the same time.

Marijuana Enthusiast

Former NFL player and cannabis enthusiast Ricky Williams, along with 420 Games founder Jim McAlpine, have opened a marijuana-friendly gym in San Francisco. This gym is being branded as the "first-ever cannabis gym," according to McAlpine, who emphasizes that the focus will be on the athletic side rather than the cannabis side.

Smoking Privileges for Members

The gym allows its members to smoke joints on a designated patio or consume edibles and use vaporizers in between workout sets. New members receive a cannabis performance assessment to determine how marijuana affects their workout routine, helping them discover the most suitable method of cannabis consumption.

Challenging the Negative Stigma

This new gym not only represents a business venture but also an effort to challenge the negative stigma surrounding marijuana use. Ricky Williams' football career was hindered by suspensions after testing positive for marijuana. Reflecting on his experience, Williams said, "I was a really good football player and a really good person. My teammates and coaches loved me, but my career and life were ruined because of a drug test."

Scientific Studies Support It

The idea of combining cannabis use with exercise is not new, and scientific studies have been conducted to explore how marijuana affects workouts. One study, conducted at the University of Sydney, showed that exercising after consuming cannabis can result in a stronger buzz and increased potency of the marijuana. The study involved 15 marijuana smokers who exercised on stationary bikes for 35 minutes. The researchers measured the THC levels in their blood and found that the levels were 15% higher than before the exercise.

THC Storage in the Body

Scientists already knew that our bodies store THC in fat cells, but this study revealed that the storage process can provide smokers with an extra potent effect. This adds a new and exciting dimension to the term "runner's high!" The same study also demonstrated that the intensified buzz can last for up to 28 days after smoking a joint. This is because a small amount of THC is released back into the bloodstream as the body burns fat during exercise. Imagine enjoying a buzz that lasts almost a month!

Enhanced Focus for Athletes

Working out while high has helped many athletes focus on specific muscle groups. Cannabis helps them stay focused and on track as they transition between sets of different exercises. Long-distance runners also find vaporizers or edibles beneficial during marathons or training sessions as they help alleviate tedium and maintain a rhythmic pace. Isn't it fantastic? Now you know exactly what someone means when they say they're "in the zone!"

Baked Yoga

Marijuana also works wonders for those who practice yoga. Some enthusiasts of "baked yoga" claim that it allows them to do more by perceiving tensions and sensations differently. They also report that it helps integrate the body, mind, and spirit into their practice, enabling them to stay focused and stretch longer and better.

Cannabis and Weight

You might recall a previous post where I mentioned a study indicating that pot smokers tend to weigh less than the general population. Cannabis lovers have a 16% higher level of fasting insulin and 17% lower insulin resistance compared to non-marijuana smokers. Since many people hit the gym to shed a few pounds, simply lighting up a joint can already move you closer to your weight loss goals. The cannabinoids found in cannabis assist the body in processing insulin properly for improved metabolic functioning.

Our Beloved Marijuana

Robin Williams once joked that the only way marijuana is a performance-enhancing drug is if there's a big f* Hershey bar at the end of the run. Although his joke is funny, science shows us — you gotta love it — that our beloved marijuana can do more for your run than just serve as an incentive. It can bring much-needed focus and mindfulness to your workout routine. For me, it's clear that marijuana certainly has a place in exercise and athletics.

Supporting the Claim

Let's be honest here; marijuana has always had a place in exercise, but now we have the scientific evidence to back it up!

Enjoy 'The Zone'.