Marijuana and Womens Health

People, especially women, have been making use of marijuana, in terms of medical purposes for ages. However, nowadays this practice is making its way into the mainstream – with millions, if not billions, being spent on related research every single year. Here’s some extremely interesting information on how everybody’s favorite green plant may be able to help women at various different stages of their lives:

Ancient times

It may shock you to know – it certainly shocked me – that evidence has been found of cannabis being used for women’s health dating back to about 2000 BC. During this time, women would mix weed with a wide range of other herbs to create a mix that aimed to relieve menstrual cramps. Cool, huh?

Nowadays: Cannabis and Period Pain

There is actually quite a bit of scientific research pointing to cannabis as a pain-reliever, in fact, it is used to treat the symptoms of thousands of different medical conditions all over the world. Research has also confirmed cannabis as an anti-inflammatory, another factor in diminishing pain. Interestingly for women, some experts have concluded that, when estrogen interacts with THC, pain is lessened. This means that weed might work better for women than for men at alienating painful symptoms.


This condition affects a relatively large percentage of women, affecting around 10% of us worldwide. Essentially, endometriosis is a rather painful health problem that causes the inner lining of the uterus to grow somewhere other than the uterus, inducing often severe pelvic pain, scars, and sometimes infertility. 

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a great deal of scientific research on what cannabis can do for the treatment of endometriosis, although it’s a given that it can definitely help with the condition in terms of relieving pain. In fact, some surveys point to CBD oil (along with heat, yoga, and stretching) for being one of the best ways to successfully treat endometriosis. 

Scientific research definitely has a long way to go in terms of cannabis and women’s health, but I’m sure that you’ll agree its come along way since 2000 BC. I can only hope that more resources are funneled into the area so that cannabis can help more women much faster.

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Happy smoking ☺