Marijuana Clones

When some people hear the word cloning for the first time, they think that it is something that will come in the future. However, the truth is plant cloning – even marijuana cloning is a practice most weed growers do on a regular basis. Therefore, if you are looking for answers on how to clone a marijuana plant, this is the right place to be.

Before we look at the various ways how to clone marijuana plants, it is important to know what cloning means. 

What is Cloning?

Plant cloning is a practice that has been around for a long time. It takes place when a farmer/grower cuts an already living plant and roots it to make it new. The aim of cloning is to produce a replica of the same plant or a version of the same plant. 

In most cases, when done in the best way possible, you are likely to get the same or even a better version of the plant you are cloning from.

No limit to the number or type of plants you can clone. However, you may ask this important question, why would anyone clone a plant? Why clone marijuana plants?

Why People Clone Plants

The first reason why many people resort to cloning plants is to ensure the newly-cloned plants will cut the mature time. It is reasonable to believe that plants take a lot of time to grow especially if you wait for them from seeds. 

When you clone plants, you limit the time they take for the seeds to germinate. Besides, you are also likely to save a lot of time plants take to develop roots, grow stems, and the other parts of the plant.

With cloned plants, you will only have to give your plants half the time for them to take root and then start to grow.

In addition, when you clone plants you are likely to get the best strain in case you are cloning two different strains. The latter is one of the main reasons why cannabis growers prefer to clone than plant seeds directly into the soil.

Why Clone Cannabis Plants

Just like other plants, you can clone cannabis plants. When you do, you will get the same benefits that other growers get when they clone plants. The reasons include:

You reduce the amount of waiting time that most growers go through when they plant their cannabis from seed.

You are assured of female plants. Remember, when you plant cannabis seeds, you are not sure if the plants are male or female. You will need to give them time to germinate and at the right time, you will need to separate the females from males. This process takes time and is likely to retard cannabis growth.

What You Need To Clone Cannabis Plant(s)

Cloning cannabis should not be a hard thing. Although the main question should be how to clone cannabis, or how to clone marijuana, it is also important to know what you need before you start cloning cannabis.

For the process of cloning cannabis to be successful, you need the following tools:

  • Ensure you have a mother marijuana plant where you will get the clones.
  • Sharp scissors or razor (a special razor Fiskars is very common among cannabis growers who practice cloning on a regular basis. This special razor has a tiny yet powerful spring that keeps the tool open in readiness for creating clones, and is also good for defoliation. Besides, this tool helps you a lot because it enables your fingers to take the necessary rest so that you are able to direct the remaining energy toward creating the clones).
  • Starter cubes (to place your new clones).
  • Cloning gel (you need to apply it on the cut area so that the clones do not detach).
  • Cloning powder.
  • High-proof alcohol (this is ideal to disinfect the tools so that you do not clone infected plants.)
  • Lighting (this is important because the clones will have to start to acclimatize to their new environment).
  • Propagator (optional but still important to ensure your work is complete).

How To Clone A Marijuana Plant

  1. Using high-proof alcohol, ensure you disinfect all the tools you are planning to use for cloning marijuana.

  2. The second step towards getting your clones would be to make use of the scissors or the special razor mentioned in the part above. Cut the clones from identified mature marijuana plants. You will know that a marijuana plant is mature if the leaves take an alternating shape where they join the tree at the branch. If they are not alternating, the plant is not mature and thus not fit for cloning.

  3. Soak the starter cubes in clean water for a few minutes.

  4. Inspect the mature marijuana plant you identified for cloning and see if you can spot an area for new branching. Once you identify the area, cut a place just below the spot.

  5. Ensure the newly cut part is done at 45 degrees. If you make cuts less or higher than that, the chances of your clones taking a long time to restart or even dying are high if you don’t make it 45 degrees. In addition, you need to ensure the clones/cuts are 5 to 8 inches.

  6. Trim any lower and huge leaves that are on the new cut at your hand. You will however need to retain one or two fresh leaves. These leaves will form the basis of the new clones after transferring them.

  7. Cover the cut area with cloning gel or cloning powder. You can also wind a tape around the cloned area.

  8. Put the clone inside a starter cube. The cube needs to be moistened by pressing at the bottom to ensure every part is sealed and that no air passes through to the area you intend to root the clones. 

A Few Expert Tips

  • For faster rooting, ensure you prepare your female plants for cloning by cutting a few lower leaves.
  • Take clones from the top of the plant if you want faster flowering.
  • Cut clones from the bottom side if you want quicker rooting.

Final Thoughts

By now, I am sure you know the answers to the question, how to clone marijuana plants? How to clone cannabis, or how to clone a marijuana plant? Besides, you have to know why it is important to clone your marijuana plants and the few expert tips that you need to know when cloning your cannabis plants. Whatever you do, cloning marijuana helps to get the best breed and reduces rooting and flowering time significantly.