Sativa vs Indica

A lot of weed smokers claim that there is a difference between being high and being stoned, and as an avid cannabis user myself, I can vouch for this. Feeling stoned and feeling high really are two entirely distinct experiences, despite the fact that lots of people use the terms interchangeably. This article will outline the main differences between both feelings so that you can tailor your strain choice in regard to which of the two you want to experience:

Feeling high is my personal favorite of cannabis experience, and I think that in any social or recreational situation, you'd probably have more fun high than stoned. For me, being high is characterized by feeling uplifted and giggly. How strong this high is really does depend on a couple of factors, such as how you consume your weed, the overall potency of your chosen strain, and your personal tolerance.

Indica or Sativa

In contrast, being stoned is quite the opposite. Feeling stoned is to feel tired and rather dopey and is usually associated with time going incredibly slowly. Being stoned can be an enjoyable experience, and I think the best thing to do whilst being stoned is to watch a funny stoner movie with friends. Of course, being high and being stoned do exhibit much of the same effects, though a stoned experience is more likely to deliver sedating effects, as well as make the user ravenous for some good food.

Whether the strain you have chosen is indica or sativa will play a huge part in whether you feel high or stoned. This is because the majority of sativas are characterized by their ability to make smokers feel active and chatty, though sometimes this can result in users becoming a little anxious, especially if they are new to cannabis. indicas, on the other hand, are much more likely to induce a stoned effect, seeing as they are typically associated with drowsiness. Indicas, then, are a perfect choice for someone needing to combat pain and, as such, indicas are actually famous for being able to do so.

Whether you want to be stoned or high entirely depends on what kind of experience you're after. If you want to feel sociable and awake, try a nice sativa to get you high, and if you want to relax or get rid of nagging pain, try an indica-dominant variety instead. Happy smoking!

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