AMS White Widow 25th Anniversary Combo

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White Widow is a strain near and dear to our hearts, having been one of the greatest sellers of White Widow in The Netherlands. This combo pack felt special for us to put together, so we were proud to release it for our 25th. For something as monumental as 25 years of success, take a look through the various White Widow strains and why the combo pack is such a valuable option.

5 x White Widow Feminized seeds

One of the most successful, strongest, and most popular commercialized strains on the market today, White Widow knows how to make a statement. Having won a number of awards, including the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup, it’s considered a legend among growers. With its origins in Amsterdam, it’s not surprising to see this strain at the top of every Dutch coffee shop menu. World-renowned and highly reputable, the White Widow line is truly one that’s hard to match or beat.

5 x White Widow XTRM ® Feminized seeds

Another Amsterdam native, White Widow XTRM acts like her mother strain in many ways. The white trichomes that stand out among other strains, in particular, is one trait they have in common. Fibrous and durable, it’s a perfect strain to help repel most of cannabis’ most common predators. Mold-resistant, pest-resistant, and with a short flowering time, White Widow XTRM is an extremely stable, valuable part of this collection.

5 x White Widow SupremeFeminized seeds

Just like its parent, the original White Widow, the White Widow Supreme variety maintains its earthy and piney notes. It’s easy to identify the strain by its aroma alone, but do note how incredibly pungent it truly is. Not for the faint of heart or for those who are growing on in a more secluded, secretive area, be prepared for everything White Widow Supreme has to offer!

5 x White Widow Autoflower seeds

Even as an autoflower strain, the power of White Widow means the White Widow auto still carries 20 to 30% THC content per flower. It's astonishingly thick coasting of crystal white trichomes makes it hard to resist and shows clearly where it derived its name. Perfect for all-day use, many people use it for the day, night, and/or both. The strain is versatile depending on when you take it throughout the day, so they feel a buzz of energy when needed, and a wave of relaxation towards the evening time.

5 x White Widow XTRM ® Autoflower seeds

The best of what the White Widow strains have to offer, our White Widow XTRM autoflower seeds make for the easiest growth. Offering a similar THC to its legendary parent, the buds can be completely white, simply covered in precious trichomes. With Dutch roots and a bright future, the White Widow XTRM autoflower variety is a perfect strain for growers at any level.

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