The effects of using cannabis and magic mushrooms together

With combined use, weed and magic mushrooms generate synergistic effects. Many users say that the combination with weed intensifies their trip. Check out our online seed bank, if you are interested to buy marijuana seeds. We ship worldwide and offer only the very best marijuana genetics.

Psychedelic high

Mixing magic mushrooms and cannabis sometimes causes an intense psychedelic high. This is characterized by abstract and spiritually stimulating sensations. The calming effects of cannabis flatten the incoming mushroom trip somewhat. That way you stay calmer in the launch phase of your trip. In addition, many people believe that the use of cannabis generates a more intense peak phase. Moreover, you will stay calmer when you end up on earth again.

The happiness hormone

Both magic mushrooms and cannabis are able to have a direct effect on dopamine. This neurotransmitter is also called the "reward hormone" or happiness hormone. This effect sometimes leads to feelings of motivation and ambition during your trip. However, it is also responsible for the brain falling into repetitive or hesitant patterns of thought. Because of these two substances at the same time, the severity of these effects increases considerably. Regular users of magic mushrooms or cannabis sometimes find the combination use a particularly pleasant experience. If you are familiar with both substances, that is a big advantage. In that case, they can be used in combination for mind-expanding voyages of discovery. However, if you have never used magic mushrooms and cannabis, we strongly advise against combining.

Mute the effects

The effects of cannabis on your mushroom trip largely depend on the cannabis training and the amount you use. THC-rich sativas are known for the extra energy and positivity they give during a trip. Indica varieties or CBD-rich strains generate more calming effects. With that, you are able to reduce feelings of anxiety, itchiness, and even nausea during your . Because of the composite effects that they produce, crossed varieties are somewhat unpredictable. The time to consume cannabis is crucial for the effects. If you use it during the initial phase of your trip, you will stay calm at the beginning. If you use it in the final phase, you will remain calm when you end up on earth again. Consumption during the height of your trip sometimes enhances the visual effects and feelings. If you use it strategically, cannabis helps you to regulate the phases of a mushroom trip that you often find less comfortable. Remember that weed with a low THC level does not affect your trip as strongly as a fantastic cannabis strain that is overflowing with cannabinoids. The combination use of magic mushrooms and cannabis is sometimes a very pleasant experience. However, work safely and well prepared. Knowing what awaits you and at what time will help you to reduce anxiety, so you will have a safe and fantastic psychedelic experience.