Indoor Feminized Combo

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Planting indoors means that you can grow marijuana all year round, and that is exactly what we all love to do. We have chosen strains for this Indoor Combo Pack that grow very well indoors so that you can always have a supply. These strains are great for medical and recreational use, so it is a combo pack for anyone and everyone.

Happy Haze feminized

This Sativa-dominant strain offers a clearheaded high that is perfect for daytime use. You will feel productive and energetic without any couchlock effects typically associated with Indica strains.

Number 14 feminized

This strain is a Blueberry Indica x Night Nurse hybrid. It's got everything you want in a strain - hard buds and a delicious blueberry scent that makes you want to return for more.

Pineapple Express feminized

Once your Pineapple Express plants are ready to harvest, you'll be rewarded with a potent and valuable product. This Sativa-dominant hybrid provides an uplifting head and body high, with sweet aromas of pineapple and berries overlaid by a skunky scent. The flavor is tangy and Kushy, like you're enjoying order a juicy piece of exotic fruit.

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