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Kush seeds

The Kush strain hails from a legendary line of cannabis plants. Rainbow Kush, Master Kush, Candy Kush, and especially OG Kush, you have likely heard of at least one of these.

When it comes to marijuana, you certainly have options. Our seed bank offers countless strains for each type of bud. So, how do our Kush seeds stand out from the crowd? What makes this type of weed lineage different?

Better yet, which type of cannabis is the best? Which strain will indulge your senses the most? Allow us to divulge just some of the many reasons we have come to know and love such a powerful kind of bud.

First, we will answer frequently asked questions about the variety. Then, we will look at our favorites, the best sellers, and the easiest ones to grow.

What is Kush weed?

The name ‘Kush’ is given to a large family of Indica-dominant hybrids. What makes a strain Kush is if it originates from the Hindu Kush mountain region in Central and South Asia.

Initially just called the Hindu Kush, the strain evolved from a landrace strain into the potent and plentiful cross-bred strains we have today. Landrace meant it was grown in its natural environment and isn’t cross-bred.

Therefore, the original Hindu Kush will no longer exist. However, while its exact genetics might be lost, we still enjoy the best from Kush’s lineage. Each type of popular Kush strain hails directly from Hindu Kush.

So, what is Kush cannabis? It is a particular variety of marijuana that descends from the Hindu Kush mountains. Any strain with a lineage traced back to that origination point is part of the Kush family.

Where does the Kush strain come from?

Since Kush seeds must originate from the Hindu Kush region, the Kush strain came from that mountain range. The 800-kilometer-long area stretches from far southeastern Tajikistan into northwestern Pakistan and central and western Afghanistan just west of the Himalayas.

The cannabis strain found its way to the rest of the world thanks to the Hippie Trail. The now world-known journey was made famous in the mid-1960s through the late ‘70s by young subculture seekers. From Europe to South Asia (namely, Nepal, India, and Pakistan), users from all across Europe and North America picked up Kush seeds along their adventure.

Our favorite types of Kush seeds

Now that we know more about the origins of Kush weed, it’s time to look at some of our favorites. You may recognize some of these names, while others might be brand new. Regardless, we hope we can open your eyes to new varieties within the Kush fam.

Most importantly, which Kush strain stands out on top? Maybe you want to know which Kush marijuana is easiest to grow. Perhaps you are searching for the most resilient type from this legendary lineage. Fortunately, we have got all the answers in store here.

OG Kush

One of the main reasons the Kush strain is famous worldwide is all thanks to OG Kush. One of the original Kush descendants, the Indica-dominant hybrid is the most popular of the Kush varieties. Though the name might make you think “ the original gangsta,” the acronym, in this case, actually stands for “ocean grew.” And when it comes to both taste and effect, this type hits just right.

The OG side of the strain stimulates euphoria and comfort so that you can feel at ease, happy, and relaxed. While it produces a body high, you can also feel engaged and talkative. THC levels you can anticipate from our varieties range from 21% to 23%, which is nothing to scoff at.

An Indica-dominant hybrid, its ratio is about 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. And OG Kush’s yield? Up to a whopping 500 grams (17 Ounces) per plant! Its plants grow tall from their Sativa qualities. In appearance, they still appear wide and thick, too.

Some describe its flavors as a hint of pine alongside citrus with a woody, earthy aftertaste. If the mysteries of our Kush marijuana call out to you, we can’t help but to recommend OG Kush to start.

Candy Kush

Next up is our Candy Kush seeds. Feminized, Candy Kush is one of the newest strains to hit the market. With an unusually high THC level, though, it’s certainly gaining popularity — and fast.

You will likely find the effects more cerebral than a body high, unlike most Kush cannabis strains. Most varieties from this marijuana weed lineage are Indica-dominant. Candy is no different, at an 85%/15% Indica/Sativa ratio.

Standing out as unique, Candy Kush pushes the envelope of euphoria. And though it hits with more of a cerebral high, many users still enjoy it at night. The powerful, almost trance-like high puts you in a perfect state for sleep.

With a flowering time of just 7 to 8 weeks and an effective yield, this one’s an easy pick for many users. Anticipate between 550 and 800 grams (17 to 28 Ounces) per plant! At a compact height, Candy Kush is more discreet and arguably easier to grow than others.

Master Kush

Another favorite Kush strain is the Master Kush weed. A cross between two landraces, the Master, originated in Pakistan. Then, it was further developed and bred here in Amsterdam. Classed as an F4, Master Kush is a stable and reliably resilient variety.

At 21% to 23% THC and an 85%/15% Indica/Sativa ratio, there’s a lot to love about this one. Plus, flowering is only 8 to 9 weeks, making it almost impossible to get from seed to harvest.

Rainbow Kush

Finally, we finish up our highlights with Rainbow Kush seeds. Famous for its colors, incredible smell, and piney taste, you are looking at a memorable strain.

What allows this one to stand out is just how legendary its lineage is. Rainbow Kush hails from the Hindu Kush and Master Kush. Instead of being watered down by other lines, you are looking at a double-Kush combination.

The THC level is tamer here at 15% to 20%, but that’s more than enough for plenty of growers. At a yield of 550 to 800 grams (17 to 28 Ounces), a plant you are in for a bountiful harvest. And its flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks means you can see multiple harvests a year!

Discover Your Favorite Kush Today

As you can see, there’s plenty to love about Kush. Take some time to explore the Kush seeds we offer to see which one resonates for you. Versatile and potent, there is a type out there for every grower.

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