Here is your Royal Highness White Queen. Any seasoned smoker recognizes a good strain when they see it, and this is without a doubt one of them. White Queen is a super potent herb, a descendant of White Widow. It comes with an extreme power that is hard to match.

White Queen Feminized Seeds

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THC Level 23% and up
Indica / Sativa 65% / 35%
Yield 550 - 800 gr / plant
Height Tall
Flowering Time 8 - 9 weeks
Effects Body-Stoned, Relaxed, Uplifting
Flavor Citrus, Earthy, Fruity, Skunky

What Are the Effects of White Queen Feminized?

White Queen is a 65% Indica-dominant hybrid. She is a highly psychoactive strain that will give you an immediate high. It will leave you with a calm body and an energetic mind. THC levels are at least 20% and could go as high as 30%, so watch out for this queen. If you're looking for a bright and happy high, this strain is highly recommended. If you are a newbie, keep in mind the high THC levels. This lady is really strong and often available in our weed sale.

What Does It Taste Like?

We are captivated by that intense and powerful taste. If we had to summarize it, it can be best described as a sweet flavor with a spicy touch.

Strain Characteristics

It is recommended for all types of growers. You can choose to grow it either inside and outside. Just remember that the results will vary. This Queen will have a very small height indoors, with a maximum of about 70 cm. However, outdoors it can easily get to two meters. At harvest you will also find a substantial difference depending on where you decide to grow it - indoors you can receive up to 500 gr / m2 and outdoors up to 800 gr / m2. The average flowering time is between 8-9 weeks. She will give you some big and beautiful white buds filled with resin.


Customer Reviews

Awesome Review by Gellin (Posted on 3/17/2022)
I’ve ordered from ams five times now and have not been disappointed just got the white queen seeds in and can’t wait to get them poppin. I also ordered the MOAB haven’t got those seeds yet but I’m sure they will be awesome af
White queen Review by Lee dunnells (Posted on 2/5/2022)
Not rich live in USA been dieing to get Good quality and hoping to order seeds soon from AMS I have nothing but awesome! In. All I heard since finding out about you guys thru bill ward in Canada has awesome grow show on YouTube love ALL his work he grew ams and the chunky colorful buds oh wow! I cant wait ! Please! Let a plane drop brief cases of money over my house lol
Customer Service Review by John (Posted on 10/9/2021)
Not a seed review, but a comment on AMS service and garuntee.
My inital order never arrived in the US after a month of waiting (probably COVID related).
I recontaced AMS and they immediately reshipped a send order without further question. This one arrived within 2 weeks of my notification and in a stealthy package.
Needless to say, I'm quite pleased with this seed company and I would advise others in the USA who are considering to purchase from them !!
Arrived safely in australia Review by John (Posted on 10/2/2021)
Seeds arrived within timeframes despite covid, 100% germination - first time buyer.
Just awesome Review by Joseph (Posted on 7/23/2021)
Germinated these badboys in 2 days . they are in soil now and under a 1000w light setup ..just 1 week and they are beautiful the leaves are a lite green and a almost white and its just the 1st set ..cant wait for her to be in full bloom ..
Leds go Review by Benjamin (Posted on 6/4/2021)
Starting growing these babies under led, so far so great!!
happy customer once more.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by Cheese303 (Posted on 3/18/2021)
I have experience with White Queen and Cheese from AMS. Both high quality. The White Queen finishes super frosty and Cheese finishes super heavy. Great customer service.
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by Gary (Posted on 3/12/2021)
This is my third order from AMS. The service was very good and my seeds arrived in the USA in 8 days. The seeds obviously had very good genetics. Got my white queen and waikiki queen seeds 50% off. I won't know how good the waikiki queen seed next year but the white queen looks like it's going to be very good. The durban poison I grew last year turned out great.
Shipping Review by John (Posted on 3/8/2021)
Arrived within 3 weeks germinated half of them can't wait try this strain. The other half of the seeds waiting 4 weeks apart as the weather is still quite cold outside will update once harvest is complete
Very good seeds. Review by Chris (Posted on 2/17/2021)
Very good seeds. I'm using three of White Queen as my new mothers. Very happy.
White Queen is a great plant Review by Shine (Posted on 2/16/2021)
Company is great. Delivery was on time and everything was there. White Queen is a great plant, relatively easy to grow and a great taste.
Very Happy Customer Review by Mary (Posted on 8/21/2020)
Very pleased with the results. I'm a customer for life.
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