Growing cannabis consists of lots of trial and error and finding out which techniques work, or don’t work, for you and your plants specifically. This is why a lot of novice growers are intimidated and afraid to try anything that is slightly outside the box. However, trying weird or whacky methods is sometimes the only way to get ahead in the industry, which is why there have been lots of really cool recent innovations involving organic growing techniques. Here’s a little information on one of them, compost tea and what it could do for you and your garden:

Quality Compost

The primary ingredient of compost tea is, of course, compost and some good quality compost at that. Compost consists of mostly waste products, which would usually be thrown in the garbage, though are actually incredibly beneficial for a cannabis grow. The best thing to do to get a hold of some decent quality compost is to make your own by making good use of a compost bin. You can create your own compost bin by adding food scraps, weeds and clippings to a container and waiting until it breaks itself down.

Compost tea is pretty much exactly like it sounds, and simply involves steeping and brewing the desired material inside of water. There are so many benefits to this method, one of the most obvious being that it boosts plant growth, this is especially good for growers searching to enlarge their buds for harvest season. Also, the sheer amount of nutrients within compost tea massively helps plant wellness, as well as preventing deficiencies from setting in.

Plant Nutrients

As well as all of the benefits I have already mentioned, compost tea is a huge factor in introducing beneficial microorganisms to your garden, such as predatory nematodes, which are perfect for combatting unwanted pests. In fact, when you apply compost tea as a foliar spray, the nematodes will act on the offensive.

All in all, compost tea is a really fantastic way to supply your plants with all the nutrients they need to thrive, as well as help the environment. There really isn’t anything stopping you from giving it a go yourself, so why not try it?

Happy composting!

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