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Our beloved White Widow was sent to our beloved friends and colleagues in Spain. We challenged them to make it even better, challenge excepted they replied. La Blanca is a White Widow with a Spanish twist. La Blanca boosts appetite and is great for a siesta.


With these plants, you have to keep in mind that they smell very strong, almost from the very start. La Blanca looks great, smells great and tastes phenomenal. As the budding connoisseur who has a soft spot on scent and flavor, then there is no better option than the La Blanca strain.


Our beloved White Widow was sent to our beloved friends and colleagues in Spain. We challenged them to make it even better, challenge accepted they replied. La Blanca is a White Widow with a Spanish twist.

La Blanca weed, just like any other strain you will find on our stunning website has met the quality threshold we ensure. For the more than 20 years we have been in the business, we have always gave the grower a 90% germination guarantee, and these La Blanca feminized seeds form no exception. Wouldn’t you like to feel the beauty within an AMS White Widow harboring Spanish roots? Here is your favorite strain.


La Blanca boosts appetite and is great for siesta's. Even though she is an Indica hybrid with a dominance of 65%, her 35% Sativa is standing out when it comes to her effects. In addition to upping one’s appetite, you can indeed rely on the La Blanca strain for starting your day high, energetic and creative.

Not to say that the Indica effects don’t manifest themselves, though, nighttime users find this beauty the ideal antidote when it comes to the alleviation of specific conditions such as insomnia, chronic headaches, and of course, helping the pothead unwind after a long day.

Importantly, these plants are highly potent. They get big full buds with high percentages of THC. Here, we are talking about the La Blanca weed having a THC range of between 20-30%. Absolute beginners, a point of caution – this isn’t the ordinary Sativa strain for you; you can go through our marijuana seeds table and go for that Sativa beauty with a 5-15% THC range.


It isn’t an overwhelming process to germinate your La Blanca feminized seeds, and we’ll hold your hand to seeing this becoming possible. Well, to begin the process, the ordering of your La Blanca seeds is the first step. Please note that we recommend that you order the beans well in advance of the growing season to evade the rare uncertainties that may keep you late for the growing season.

When it comes to the germination process, ensure that you have identified a working germination process for yourself. Could that be a germination station, seedling plugs, overnight soaking, the paper towel method, or the direct germination method? After that, be sure to follow the steps articulated on our cannabis seeds germination post, and we are sure to let you know that, boy, you will be in for a successful La Blanca germination.

These feminized seeds grow powerfully, which is why it can be grown in all sorts of circumstances. However, ensure that there is adequate spacing for outdoor growing as these hybrids grow up to 200cm. There is something you will need to keep avoiding – the plant’s tops keeping on intertwining with the nearby plants. This may end up causing the spreading of molds, white powdery, and caterpillars to already healthy plants.

Need some info on growing seeds? Read our Grow Guide for more information or send us an email.


As you have seen above, our weed seeds have a 90% germination guarantee, and it could be as well be 100% in case you do everything right. We also consistently improve the quality of these seeds to ensure that they continue being a replica of our White Widow, but with a touch of quality guarantee.

Should you need to save a couple of bucks, then think of ordering these cannabis seeds using crypto such as Bitcoins. Also, ensure that you are signed up on our newsletter as whenever we have price deals, that’s our primary communication channel. You will be notified when we have price slashes going up to 50%, or even where we give you a select strain for free after you purchase the same.

Say Ola to La Blanca and enjoy your daily siesta. At AMS we sell over 120 cannabis seeds with guaranteed delivery. Regardless of where you are – USA, ASIA, or Europe, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds will always be borderless. The next visitor could be us armed with a blanc envelope of high-quality La Blanca fem seeds.

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