What Is Thai Stick?

Thai refers to a weed variety that grows in Thailand. It was later brought to the US in the 70s. It's also referred to as a Thai stick, this is because its buds are traditionally dried and tied into long sticks.

The weed gives rise to many strains we commonly see in the market today, including Haze, Voodoo, and Juicy Fruit. However, growing this strain outside the tropical climates has proved to be a challenge.

It induces powerful but comfortable effects and has a unique fruity citrus aroma. It’s basically 100% sativa landrace strain.



Traditional Thai Sticks, photocredits: HighTimes

How To Make A Thai Stick?

Although making Thai sticks takes time, it’s not really complicated. The making process can take up to one week. 

Follow these steps and learn how to make your sticks:

1) Find some light bud.

2) Take a bamboo stick, coat it with either hash oil or sugary water to make it stick

3) Bind the buds onto the bamboo by pushing them on. Wrap them up with a hemp string and ensure the buds are tight.

4) Freeze your sticks, and don’t forget to wrap them in paper to prevent them from sticking to the freezer

5) Give them two days to thaw.

6) Remove the hemp line from the stick, your buds should stick to the bamboo skewer. If this doesn’t happen, then something went wrong.

7) Wrap your buds in cannabis leaves.

8) Place your stick back in the freezer for another day.

9) Remove the Thai weed sticks from the freezer and place them onto a pan for a few seconds. This will help bind the buds on the stick strongly. Remember, you should separate the pan and the leaves with a paper

10) Allow the stick to cure for one more day, and your Thai sticks will be ready for smoking.


What you Need To Know

After learning what is Thai stick, it’s important to know these details.

Thai is a potent smoke that hits very high. If it does not reduce you to couch lock, you are likely to notice euphoria and visual effects. The strain has a strong smell and a sweet herbal flavor.

It’s recommended for muscular pain, insomnia and stress.

If you are planning to grow the weed under greenhouse conditions, you have to prune the plant carefully; this is to keep it at a manageable size. Thai plant can grow tall, and it’s cultivated using the SCROG method. It’s expected to flower after 12 weeks producing average yields.

However, if you’re growing the weed outdoors, you can allow it to reach its natural height. This ensures more yield. Remember, you need to choose a sunny sheltered spot and plant the seedlings in rich compost. If your area has Mediterranean climate, then that is ideal.

Strain Characteristics

  • The plant is tall.

  • Harvested in late October.

  • Yields up to 400g per plant.

  • Its THC level ranges between 15- 20%.

  • Can get cultivated either outdoors or indoors in a warm climate.

  • Its sativa in nature.

  • It has an earth taste that can be improved inside a flower vaporizer.

  • It came to the US in the 70s and 80s.

  • The seeds are readily available.

Positive Effects Of Thai Sticks

  • Reduces anxiety.

  • Acts as a pain reliever.

  • Prevents depression

  • Helps you stay focused.

  • Uplifts your mood

  • It helps you stay happy.

Negative Effects

  • It can cause dizziness.

  • Gives you dry eyes.

  • Causes headache.

  • It can make you feel anxious.

  • It makes your mouth dry.

Thai Stick Weed Growing Tips

When growing Thai cannabis indoors, ensure you have a tall greenhouse.

Choose a location with extremely hot temperatures. Thai plants do well with these climatic conditions

Thai plants grow up to 15 feet tall, it’s always advisable to choose an open place that can accommodate that height.

Its seeds are easily accessible since it’s a very old strain. You can source them from a local dispensary or online.

Thai Landrace Taste

As mentioned earlier, Thai weed has a really good taste. In fact, some landraces are fruity.

Thai weed has an earthy taste, which many people find annoying. So if you’re smoking weed for the taste, then Thai isn’t for you.

Fortunately, there are a couple of products you can add to your sticks to improve the overall taste. You can also use a flower vaporizer, which has a number of advantages, which include:

  • Smoking a flower vape is healthy because it does not produce harmful chemicals.

  • It helps you recycle your weed by making edibles. This is because already vaped bud is decarboxylated with cannabis.

  • It’s portable, discreet and has no smell.

  • It has a better flavor since there is no combustion of paper or plant material.

Flavored Thai Sticks

The process of adding flavor to your weed can be a little complicated, but when done right, it’s worth it. During the distillation process, the terpenes are separated from the plant matter. These terpenes can be put in oil to make flavored terpene oil.

If you use a strain that has cherry terpene in it, then your Thai sticks will have a cherry flavor. Normal weed is fairly harsh to smoke, this is because you are wrapping the Landrace strain in cannabis leaves, and these leaves don’t smoke well.

By adding flavor, you stand a chance of appreciating your Thai weed more. If you add both terpene and hash oil, you will have an incredible potent Thai stick.

Quick Tips To Help you Feel Less Stoned 

  • Drink coffee.

  • Take a cold shower.

  • Go for a run.

  • Take some time for yourself and listen to cool music.


At this point, you already understand what is Thai stick weed. It actually has a higher percentage of THC because it’s normally covered in hash oil, which is incredibly potent. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to getting completely wrecked, make yourself comfortable with a Thai Stick.